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Wednesday Weigh in #3

I’m not too thrilled to see that I have had an increase in my weight, caused by an increase in my body fat.  It was only a half pound but my body fat percentage has been in the 19-20% range for over a year now.  So to see that it is now at 22% is a little frustrating…..

It’s been kind of a tough last few days.  Yesterday, I did not get bufferererer because my trainer was out of town at a track meet, so our Tuesday morning group workout was canceled.  I thought about going to the gym and repeating one of our workouts from a couple weeks back, but never made it over there.  I’m sure people who regularly work out will understand, but I feel so guilty for not working out yesterday.  I kept telling myself to go over to the gym but it got later and later and then life just took over and got in the way.  That is why I am an early morning workout/running person.  If I don’t get in my workout before 10am, chances are, I’m not going to do it.  Luckily, I don’t lead a sedentary life.  In fact according to my new Apple watch, the main goal that I hit everyday in the fitness app is the “standing” one!

The other issue I am still dealing with is the nagging pain in my lower left leg.  My chiropractor first thought it was a posterior shin splint, but now after my visit on Monday, she is concerned that I may have messed up my Soleus muscle.  It is the smaller of the two lower calf muscles that runs on the inner part of the leg.  I am in week 3 since the original injury happened and she said she is concerned with the amount of swelling that still exists.  She is not overly concerned because she realizes that this is a hard area to heal and rest because you use it daily to walk.  But if she doesn’t start seeing some improvements by next week she may want an x-ray done just to take a deeper look.


Even though I have been given the ok to still do strength training (as long as both feet stay planted on the ground), still no running for me.  I like that I have had time to rest, but now I feel as if restlessness is starting to creep back in.  I will always love running over anything else.  I may get burned out from time to time, but the flame is always there smoldering.  And I have been injured before, as have most runners, so I understand that it will just take time to get everything back to normal.  As for now, thank goodness for my barbell class today!

Third weigh in 4-20-16 @ 6:02am

  • 121.2 @ 22.5% fat

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