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Cap City 10k

Last Sunday I ran in the largest 10k in all of Texas; and you know everything is bigger here, so you better believe it was massive!  How’s 20,500 participants sound?  Big enough?  The Cap10k has been going on for 39 years now.  I have ran in it for the last 4 years and each year it gets bigger and bigger.

It is a great 10k.  But you don’t run it to PR (unless you are an elite and at the starting line before everyone else).  The line of runners stretched 6 miles long!  That’s almost as long as the entire course itself!  It took my friend and I 15mins just to get to the starting line after the gun had sounded!  And even after we got going, we really didn’t get going.  For about the first mile or so there was a lot of bobbing and weaving going on.  Dodging around walkers, people taking selfies and one guy dressed up as a giant armadillo!


For about the first 2.5 miles, you are more or less, going up hill.  There was even an area on the course where you could test your hill speed and possibly be crowned King or Queen of the Hill.  It’s only for .62 of a mile but if you’re the fastest you get a special jersey (I needless to say was not crowned this year).  But after you get past all the inclines, it is pretty smooth sailing.

My pace for the whole race was relatively slow.  I was still dealing with my posterior shin spilt on my left leg.  I had Rock Tape on for a little extra support, but because I wear Vibram Five Fingers without socks, the tape only lasted for the first 3 miles or so and then started to roll off the bottom of my foot.  It’s all good though, because I was just looking to finish.  This was my third race in two weeks, so I was ready to be done and to get about a month of rest before my next 10k.

Overall I was glad that I ran this 10k again this year.  I was joined by my friend and running buddy, Aubrey, and there were a lot of people from the Lifetime Run – North Austin too.  I love this 10k so much, I’m already signed up for 2017!

6.2 miles 66 degrees @ 8am

  • Overall time 1:03:10
  • Average pace 9:59
  • Splits 10:05, 9:44, 10:11, 9:44, 9:44, 10:15, 2:59
  • Average cadence 180



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