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Happy Veganniversary! Three years

Today is my Veganniversary!  It’s been three years since I decided to change my life for the better.  I have saved around 600+ animals in this time.  My carbon foot print is half of what it used to be.  And I’ve saved over 4 million gallons of water as well!  Not to mention, I am healthier and feel stronger then I ever have in my entire life.  I can’t unlearn or un-see the things I have come across during this journey.  Being vegan isn’t about being perfect but just doing the best you can for everything around you.  I did it for my health, the innocent creatures we share this planet with and for the environment we all live in.  I have lost some friends along the way, made some new ones, opened some old minds and had to defend where I get my protein from I don’t even know how many times.


The only regret I have, is not doing it sooner.  But no matter when a person decide to make that change, I promise nothing but good things will come your way.  I feel like it is a more peaceful way of being.  I am more in touch with my body, all living creatures (even spiders) and I feel more connected to the earth.  Since I went vegan, I find that I pay more attention to my family’s waste and ways to cut it back.  I pay more attention to the ingredients that I choose to put in my body, even if they are vegan (vegan does not equal healthy).  And I defiantly pay more attention to my poop (it’s a vegan thing, not everyone will understand)!

I also feel stronger as an individual.  I have learned a lot about myself and my strengths.  It is not easy to feel like the only fish fighting it’s way against the current.  I know I’m not the only vegan out there, but in an omni world, it can feel lonely and hard at times.  When you are omni, no one worries about what you are eating, but the second you become vegan everyone else becomes an expert on your health.  “You’re going to be protein deficient, anemic, frail, tired all the time, and what about your B12?”  Why do I have to defend myself, when I am making a choice that really has no down side to it?  I’m not harming anyone or anything, I have tons of energy and I always have plenty of awesome foods to eat and enjoy; even mac and cheese and cupcakes!


But is it worth it?  Yes, yes, yes, yes!  I try not to push my values on others (I do from time to time), but it makes my day when someone I am talking to is truly interested in learning more.  And sometimes people make the switch and sometimes they still think you are crazy but that’s ok because we are all in different parts of our personal journeys.  But I promise it’s not as hard as you might think.  You can live off of plant based foods only.  Sure I have cravings from time to time (they are fewer and way farther between now) but its all about having the will power to do the right and decent thing.  And it only takes three weeks/21 days to make or break any habit.  So maybe start off with a meatless Monday and see how it goes.  And then maybe switch to only meat on the weekends.  Or you can do like I did (my personality thrives this way) and go cold turkey!  But after a little less then a month, you will have made a life, long decision that will only bring good things to you and the world around you.

I hope that my blog may one day inspire someone to look at things in a different light. If I could touch, even just one person, it would make all the difference in the world to me.  In a way it’s all about paying it forward.  The one person I may touch, may in turn enlighten someone else and the cycle would continue on and on.  The lives that could be saved would grow and grow and we could all work to make each day better for all Earthlings as a whole.


6 thoughts on “Happy Veganniversary! Three years

  1. So glad that you’re vegan. I too feel so much better since becoming one. It can be hard, but I always try to go with the health aspect. I wish I didn’t know what I now know…it can indeed be hard. Good going!


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