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Getting buffererer: Day 4

After Tuesday’s session being pretty relaxed, I knew I was in for some pain this morning!  Boy was I right too; my butt cheeks are hurting just sitting here and typing this!  Probably didn’t help that I did a pretty good barbell class the day before either.  But you know what they say, “no pain, no gain”!

Thursdays are usually more about weights and Tuesdays are a little more cardio and endurance.  So we did a lot of lifting and core work today.  What my trainer referred to as our “warm up”, was one hell of a warm up today.  The row and the kettle bell swing together (with only seconds of rest in between) was crazy!  The last 20 were tough.  But the worst of it for me this morning was the plank knee tucks on the stability ball.  I just wasn’t feeling them, or actually I was feeling them too much and was struggling to finish them.  I did manage to do all the reps but I was so fatigued by the last set.  My trainer wanted me to do more of a hip raise when I was crunching in and that was just so hard while trying to balance on the ball.

I had a small victory while doing the single arm snatch.  Last week when I did them I was using a 17.5 lbs dumbbell and today I started with a 20 lbs one and progressed onto a 25 lbs to finish with.  It feels so good when you can really tell that you have gotten stronger and have better form then prior weeks.  Also while I was doing these, I was facing the mirror and could see my top two section of abs poking out!  They were like, “hello, here we are, keep it up and our other 4 friends will join us soon”!  Ha!

All and all it was a great workout.  As much as I enjoy running, I am enjoying the rest and recovery too.  My leg is feeling better but I don’t plan on doing Saturday’s interval training.  To make up for it, my trainer suggested I come to his 9am group for some more weight training.  So I may get in a bonus work out this week or I may just sleep in!

One hour group workout 6am

Warm up

  • 400m easy row
  • 300m row w/ alternating 14kg kettle bell swing x10
  • 200m row w/alternating 14kg kettle bell swing x15
  • 100m row w/alternating 14kg kettle bell swing x20

First set x4

  • plank knee tuck on stability ball x20 (these were super hard for me to get through for some reason this morning)
  • plank roll out on stability ball x15

Second set x4

  • squat with single arm snatch with 20-25 lbs dumbbell, 5 on each side
  • oblique cross pull twist on weight machine, 12 on each side

Third set x4

  • dead lifts with 85lbs barbell x10
  • one arm kettle bell clean with 14kg bell, 3 on each side, alternating x4 each set

Cool down .6 mile walk home


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