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Getting bufferer: Day 3

Today was a “Try it” Tuesday event at Lifetime Fitness.  Basically any member can decide to come and “try” a variety of workout groups or classes for no extra fee.  My trainer warned us last night that we would most likely have some new people with us in the morning and because of that, our session would be little more low key to accommodate for them.  Normally there are 3 of us in what our gym considers a “small group” for pricing concerns.  This morning we had 7.  We had 3 new women and one guy from the 7am group.

Our trainer said it would be helpful for the regulars to be there to help set the tone for the class for the newbies.  He used us to demonstrate proper form, but still pushed us by recommending heavier weights!

I was honestly ok with having this toned down class to start the week with.  I am still recovering from running this weekend.  Not so much from the run, but from the fact that I ran it with a mild injury.  My posterior shin splint on my left leg was pretty sore after the race so I went to see my chiropractor and she told me no running until we get this thing healed.  She knew I was going to run the race, so she taped me up on the Friday before, but now it was time for rest since I don’t have another race until May.  She is ok with me doing strength training, but I can’t do anything that involves standing on one foot at a time or jumping.  Both feet have to remain firmly on the ground during all sets.  So I had to modify one of our sets but everything else was just fine.

Overall the class was a good workout.  The regulars all agreed it wasn’t nearly as hard, but we were all secretly ok with that.  Plus we know our trainer will make up for it come Thursday!

One hour group work out 6am

Warm up 500m ski

Everything in sets of 4

  • partner tension bands standing plank hold for 30 sec
  • partner tension bands over hand hold for 30sec
  • partner  tension bands alternating between standing plank and over head hold for 30sec
  • wood chopper with 8lbs medicine ball 10 on each side
  • squat to over head hold with 25lbs plate x10
  • squat with single arm row on weight machine 17.5lbs 10 on each side (last set was with 25lbs)
  • squat with over head shoulder press with 17.5lbs dumbbell 10 on each side

Cool down .6 mile walk home


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