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Dirt babies

For about the past two years now, we have been composting.  Even though we have a small condo and small backyard, we still manage to compost all our food scraps.  Since I am vegan, I like to keep my compost that way too, so only non-meat items are allowed, except for the eggshells that my husband will contribute every now and then (he is omni, what can I say, we can’t all be perfect).  We also throw in things like used paper towels, trimmings from out indoor and outdoor plants, and shredded paper.  We have even encouraged our neighbor to compost her like items as well.  We have a small tumbler in the backyard that I got from Costco.  Actually it was my birthday gift from my parents two years ago!  The gift that keeps on giving!


Our process is simple.  We have a couple plastic containers, that have gasket sealed lids that we keep on top our fridge.  When you have something that needs to go in the compost tumbler, you put it in there.  When the containers are full, I take them down stairs to the tumbler in the backyard and empty them.  Give the tumbler a few spins, and voila! you’re done.  It takes us about a year to fill the tumbler.  You would think it would fill faster, but the little worms and flies that are in there do a great job of breaking everything down, thus creating more space for next time.  When it does come time to empty it, I have a small area in the corner of our yard that I pile the compost into.  Every now and then I go out there with a rake and stir up the dirt.  We also put some of our larger compostable items directly into that pile; like for example our Halloween pumpkins.

Which leads to my new little backyard mystery.  Currently in my pile, I have these giant leaved plants growing.  They have pretty thick, fuzzy stalks as well.  I had raked them down before, thinking they were weeds, but when they grew back I noticed they only grew in the pile and not in the rest of the yard.  So I got to thinking they might not be weeds after all.  Asked my neighbor to take a look at them and she took a picture and put it on Facebook for some feedback.  Most everyone who commented said they looked like some sort of squash growing.  I know I haven’t had any squash to put in there but we did have whole pumpkins that got thrown in there over the past two years.  So we googled pumpkin leaves and they looked very similar!  I’m pretty excited about this!  I would be floored if we grew some pumpkins or even squash!  I have no idea how they will do in the upcoming summer months but for now I am going to just let nature take over and wait and see.  It’s kind of like waiting to find out the sex of a baby!

So what will our dirt babies be?  Pumpkin or squash?  Due date, fall of 2016!




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