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The Tri Doc 5k

Sorry I’m posting about this race a little late!  I actually ran it last Saturday before the Austin 10/20.  Normally I wouldn’t sign up for two races in one weekend but I did this by pure accident and with the best of intentions!  The Tri Doc is an awesome sports chiropractor in Cedar Park.  I have promoted them in several of my past blogs.  They are all about getting you back out doing what you love.  So as soon as I saw they were hosting a 5k, I signed up without even checking my calendar!  OOPS!

I’m glad I did because it wound up being one of the better, if not the best, little 5ks I’ve run in along time!  It was at an awesome location, at Brushy Creek Regional Trail in Cedar Park.  We actually did an out and back right on the trail.  The weather was great too; 45 degrees and sunny and it was a smaller race so it was easy to get going.  I also had some great company there.  Two of the my friends from the Lifetime Run – North Austin were competing as well!  And our hosts for the race were the best.  Dr. Tuggle and his staff were amazing.  Very organized and very enthusiastic about the whole thing.  When you crossed the finish line, they had Tri Doc reusable water bottles and food and a raffle ticket for a chance to win some great prizes afterwards.  As well as overall and age group awards for the top 3 in each 5 year increments.

This is the best part for me!  For the first time ever, I placed in my age group!  I placed 3rd in the 35-39 group!  I cannot express how happy I was!  I played it down a little around my friends, but on the inside I was squealing!  I wore my third place metal with pride!  I have come so close in the past; placing 4th a couple times.  And I wasn’t the only one with reason to be excited, one of my other friends placed first in her age group and our other friend PRed on her 5k time.

It was a day to celebrate all the hard work we had put into coming to our group runs and early morning interval runs.  When I texted our coach about it, he was so happy and said hearing things like that made his day!  My same two friends also won some great prizes in the raffle from Trigger Point and Road ID.  Overall it was a ton of fun packed into 3.1 miles!  I will totally be signing up for this race again next year and would recommend it to anyone looking for a great 5k.

3.1 miles 45 degrees @ 8am

  • Over all time 27:31 (not a PR but did place 3rd in my age group)
  • Average pace 8:50
  • Splits 8:55, 8:56, 8:38, :49
  • Average cadence 184

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