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Getting buffer: Day 2

Today was work out number two of eight, for my month long strength training goal.  I was a little sore before we started.  Probably a little soreness lingering from Tuesday, and the one hour barbell class that I did yesterday probably didn’t help!  My posterior shin splint on my left leg was acting up this morning before we started.  It was feeling a little better yesterday, but I think it was just stiff from sleeping last night.  I am a little concerned with having to run on it just yet.  I have a 10k on Sunday that I am not 100% sure if I am going to run or not.  I hate not running a race, but at the same time, if I hurt myself more, then I won’t be able to even do strength training.  I may use Friday and Saturday as complete rest days, and decide from there.

Our coach was pushing us pretty hard this morning.  Very little less rest in between sets and the last 10 min circuit we did was killer!  It was probably the hardest thing I had done in over 4 months!  By the last 3 mins I thought my arms were going to fall off!  As I was tiring, he said I could decrease the weight, but I just dug deeper and finished as much as I could.  When it was over, I was proud of myself, but also very aware of the soreness to come!  But I couldn’t be happier with just getting back on track with my training.

1 hour group work out 6am

Warm up 500m row

First set (alternating x4)

  • plank knee tuck on stability ball, x15
  • bird dogs on stability ball, x20
  • plank roll out on stability ball, x15
  • crunches on stability ball, x15

Second set (alternating x4)

  • mountain climbers on upside down Bosu ball, x50
  • medicine ball squat throws with butt touching down on Bosu ball, x10

Third set (alternating x4)

  • heel drops on riser platform, 10 on each side
  • single leg Romanian deadlift, 10 on each side

Forth set (alternating x4)

  • squat with single arm snatch with 17.5 lbs weight, 5 on each side
  • squats holding 17.5 lbs weight, x15

Fifth set – 10 mins circuit continuously alternating

  • deadlift on weight machine with 100 lbs, x10 – 4 sets completed
  • pull up with 55 lbs helper, x8 – 4 sets completed
  • standing row on weight machine with 35 lbs, x10 – 3 sets completed

Cool down .6 mile walk home


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