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Austin 10/20 Awesome city, 10 miles, 20 bands, enough said.

The Austin 10/20 had it’s Inaugural race back in 2012.  It promised 20 live bands; one playing at every half mile of the 10 mile course.  It was a great course too.  Flat and located in North Central Austin at/around The Domain shopping mall.  It was honestly the first of its kind and it was going to fit in great in the Live Music Capital of the World!

Here we are 5 years later and I have run it for the 3rd time.  I ran it the first, third and now fifth year.  Sometime the timing on this run conflicts with The Capitol City 10k, so I run it every other year.  I really didn’t know what to expect from the race this year.  I was on course with my training, but when I got the free entry for the Austin Half Marathon, back in February, my training got out of whack.  The long run in the middle of everything, and the recovery after it, didn’t allow me to follow my training plan properly.  So the week of the race was crunch time!  I had logged 16 miles prior to the race, so I felt ready, but not ready, ready.

My best running buddy and friend, Aubrey, ran most of those training miles with me, along with a lot of the people from Lifetime Run – North Austin.  This was one of the races our coach wanted us to sign up for as a group.  There were probably about 10 of us that wound up running the 10/20.

It was a perfect day for the run.  Clear and cool at the start and gradually warming up, but not blister heat.  There seemed to be a very good turn out; each year seeming bigger then the last.  And the course had been tweaked just enough to allow traffic flow around the venue to be greatly improved from prior years.  After we met up with our group and coach, Aubrey and I were off to our coral.  We planned on starting the race together, but we have a mutual understanding that if you are feeling it, then GO!  After a great rendering of The National Anthem, we were off!  It was a little crowed in the beginning, but not as bad as some races.  We had both sides of the road so everyone had enough room to spread out.  Once we got past the second mile, we were on one of the main stretches in the race.  At that point, I needed to loose my long sleeved undershirt.  With the help of my friend, I got it off and had instant relief as I tied it around my waist.  I was glad to be able to remove a layer.  A lot of runners were really bundled up and I couldn’t even imagine having to finish the race that way.  It started off cool but warmed up fast!

Aubrey and I stayed together till mile 5 and then she said she was going to go with the burst of energy she had!  So she was off and I was half way through the race.  Shortly after she took off a lady came up next to me and asked me if I was vegan.  She must have seen the tank top I had on from Vegan Health and Fitness magazine.  She and I got to chat for about a mile.  She said she had recently watched Pure Plant Nation and was strongly considering going vegan.  She asked me about cook books, and my energy level and any other documentaries I could recommend.  I steered her towards Forks Over Knives, Vegucated, and Cowspiracy as well as Thug Kitchen and The Happy Herbivore for cookbooks.  She was visiting from Houston, I believe and was one of the many VIP runners who had run all five Austin 10/20.  At the 10k mark she said she was going to stop for water, so we said our goodbyes and I was off again.

After the 10k mark I started to loose a little steam.  Thank goodness my coach was waiting for us all to pass right before mile 7.  It was good to see him and after a high five, I picked up the pace.  I was making really good time, and at mile 8, even if I ran the last two miles at a 15 minute pace, I was still going to PR.  I didn’t let off the gas but I was ready for the race to be over.

The 10k is my race.  I love the distance.  The half marathon was great, but not my thing.  The 10/20 was a great mix of both.  By the end I’m ready for it to be done, but I’m not totally spent.

As I headed for the finally stretch, I saw my husband and Aubrey’s family about a half mile from the finish.  And as I got closer I heard cheering from other people from my running group that had already finished.  I crossed the finish line and got my PR and I was really satisfied with my efforts!

I would totally recommend this race for anyone who has run a 10k but who is not ready for a half marathon.  It’s at a great time of year, it’s relatively flat, and at a great time of year.  You don’t even need ear buds because there really isn’t a time that you don’t hear live music playing.  Swag bag was pretty good too and they have one of the best race shirts and finishers metals, hands down!  Hopefully I’ll see some of you out there in 2018!

10 miles (9.97) 45 degrees @ 8am

  • Overall time 1:36:14 (new PR, last time was 1:47:14 and time before 2:04:43)
  • Average pace 9:39
  • Splits 10:00, 9:27, 9:03, 9:00, 9:51, 9:29, 9:10, 9:48, 10:07, 9:39
  • Average cadence 184



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