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Getting buff: Day 1

So, today was the first of 8 strength training work outs I plan to do for the month of April.  I will meet with my personal trainer/running coach and a small group at 6am on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I’ve reach a little bit of a burn out with my running.  I have been running pretty consistently since last summer.  I love to run, don’t get me wrong, but I need a little rest for a month.  I have one more 10k race this coming up Sunday to get through and then I am going to scale it back some. I still plan on running but only with my group that meets on Tuesday and Saturday.  I don’t think I could ever give up running all together, but to cut down my miles for one month and focus more on toning up will be a nice change of pace (no pun in tended)!

I’ve always wanted to have more defined abs, so that is one of my focuses this month.  I learned I need to up my protein and carb intake to do that.  I get a lot of both already.  Since I eat clean, I don’t really ever “count” anything but if I want to see results, I may have to pay attention a little bit closer.  It won’t be about taking anything away but instead I will need to be eating a lot more!  It sounds easy, but in the past when I have used a food journal to get a base line, I was having to eat so much every day that it almost became like a chore (I know, poor me, right?).  I plan to post my weight and BMI here too, but I forgot to get on the scale this morning before I had ate anything, so I’ll start following that next time.  So, here is day one and done listed below!

1 hour group workout @ 6am

Warm up 450m row

First set (alternating x4)

  • planks alternating arm lifts, 20 total
  • lateral planks with twist, 10 on each side
  • Walking lunge with knee up
  • Walking lunge with core twist

Second set (alternating x4)

  • box, knee up 15 each side
  • squats with 75 lbs  barbell
  • push ups x10
  • squat thrusters with 55 lbs barbell

Third set (alternating x4)

  • stability ball single arm press with 17.5 dumbbell, 10 on each arm
  • lateral lunge with 12 lbs weight press up with knee up, 5 each side

Cool Down .6 mile walk home

Since it is Tuesday, I would normally run our group social run tonight, but I have a minor injury from over use this past week.  Chiropractor said it was Posterior Shin Splint.  Not a huge deal but she told me to lay off running until later in the week.  I love my chiropractor because she usually will give me the ok to run and see how I feel; but in a case like this, when she has specifically  told me not to, I listen.  I do have the ok to do all the strength training I want, as long as I avoid any “jumpy” plyometrics for now.

I’m looking forward to what progress I can make this month.  I love a good hard workout and plan to give it all I have!


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