Blogging, Everyday

You would think

I’m heading into my forth month of not working and you would think I would have nothing but time on my hands, right?  WRONG!  I feel more busy now then I did when I had a full time job.  I’m finishing my second set of photography classes next week.  And with that I have about 100 photos to edit and publish.  I just finished running two races over this past weekend and still have one more to do this weekend.  I need to fit in the chiropractor so that I CAN run these races.  Not to mention the gym and running group.  My brain is “back blogged” about ten different topics as well.  Once again I find myself with a head full of thoughts and not enough time in the day to dump them all out.  I guess let me just take down a few notes of what’s to come!

  • Review notes, like these, from past blogs that I haven’t addressed yet!  (Taking one step forward and two steps back here!)
  • Finish writing about California trip
  • Finish editing California photos
  • Write about Arizona trip
  • Begin to edit Arizona photos
  • Blog about “natural mattress” choice
  • Blog about The Tri Doc 5k
  • Blog about the Austin 10/20 10 miler
  • Blog about less running, more strength training over the next month
  • Updates on the no lights in the living room, bar soap shampoo, unplugging to save energy and Berkey Filters water system.  As well as how its been being a one car family
  • Blog about Texas Vegfest
  • Blog about awesome blogs I am following like, A Walk Through The Mountains…
  • What did Eat, Pray, Love Made Me Do It, make me do
  • We are a society of now (example the pre-order of the Tesla Model 3)

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