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Getting ready

Went out for my first run in a week today.  I’ve been out of town and haven’t run since last Tuesday.  I have a 5k race (The Tri Doc 5k) on Saturday and then a 10 mile race (Austin 10/20) on Sunday, so it was important to get some miles in today!

The weather was beautiful and my best running buddy knocked out the 5 miles with me!  I felt pretty good the whole time.  No pain anywhere.  Not sure if I am ready to go 10 miles, but I’m not looking for a PR either.  My training got off track because of the half marathon that got thrown into the mix back in February.  When I ran the 10/20 two years ago my time was 1:47:14.  If I can just get close to that, and hopefully not go over, I will be happy.  I know I am capable because one of my 10 mile training runs, I ran a 1:35:55.  I just plan on having fun and finishing this time around.

5 miles 68 degrees at 1:15pm at Brushy Creek Trail

  • Overall time 46:04
  • Average pace 9:12
  • Splits 9:24, 9:12, 9:14, 9:20, 8:46
  • Average cadence 178



One thought on “Getting ready

  1. Hey, your blog seems really cool. Good read! I’m Kyle, I’m looking to give up alcohol for 3 months as a social experiment, and also to get in good shape! You can check out and follow my progress if you wish. Enjoy your day, will look out for your posts !


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