I had the boy, and she got the man

An old song on the radio, brings a lump to your throat.  A familiar street.  An old pick up truck and the throttle of a mid-90’s Mustang GT.  A mixer into the past.  Old, familiar feelings come back and hit like a wave.  You can never truly go home again.  You can visit but nothing is ever as you really remember it.  Good times come into focus and the bad are forgotten.  A lost, innocent passion.  The deepest sensations ever felt without even touching.  True love from a different point in time.  Where did it all go?  Crossing over the same railroad tracks a million times.  Hearing three words with new meaning.  A promise ring over pizza and a new life formed a thousand miles away.  Backing out of the garage to leave the familiar streets behind.  A whole new, scary world.  Rings with no beginning and no end exchanged in the presents of God.  Becoming an adult over night and the grown up feelings that make your heart hurt when they are gone.  Deeply hurt as deeply loved.  Two people slowly grow together and then quickly grow apart.  Learning how to forgive and accepting you may never forget.  Every memory is deeply apart of you just like DNA.  Without each one, you wouldn’t be who you’ve become.  Touch and go here on out.  Two points in time once together, now apart.


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