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Tulips to Ivies

I was in the car this morning driving my husband to work when a radio commercial for a florist came on.  They were advertising a spring bouquet of 30 tulips for 30 dollars.  Just the other day, I read somewhere about how flowers like that are very wasteful and I would imagine not that great for the environment.  I haven’t researched a whole lot into it yet, but I could clearly get how that could be true.  If you consider that they are probably grown, using a bunch of chemicals and then are trucked in from miles away and probably even from different countries all together.  Sounds like another form of GMO farming to me.  Not to mention you only get about a week of life out of them.

To offer a solution, whatever article I was reading suggested to give house plants, if you MUST give something.  They last longer and a lot have been known to help clean the air in your house.  Plants like Ivies can even turn into the gift that keeps on giving because you can cut them down when they get too large and replant the smaller pieces to share with someone else.

Now the thing that amazed me most about hearing this commercial and thinking back to the article I read, was when my husband blurted out that flowers seem pretty wasteful and he would rather give me a house plant instead!  That floored me.  I was already thinking that I was going to go home and research into how commercial flowers are farmed, and then share the information with him but instead he already got it!  He asked my opinion about it and said that he was really starting to see the world in a different way from all the things I share with him.  Just him saying that, and putting things together in his mind, for himself, was better then any $30 tulips in my book!

Sometimes I feel so small and alone and even crazy with my thoughts.  How could doing so many small things, that seem pretty insignificant to others, ever make a difference?  Composting, recycling, being vegan, living minimalistically, and so on; how will that ever change anything?  I’m learning even if something seems so small, it can have lasting affects if you stick to it.  So never give up or give in.  If you believe in something, then do it!  Talk about it, write about it, plant the seed, because right when you think no one is listening, someone will surprise you!


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