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It’s Town Lake to you newbies!

First, I must be honest and say that I didn’t run at all on Thursday or Friday.  I planned on getting in a shorter run, just to keep my miles up but I have been fighting some hormonal issues that just weren’t going to have it.  So over those two days I did a lot of home PT and finally got in a couple nights of good sleep!

Saturday’s usually mean speed work in my running club.  We have a social distance run on Tuesday nights and we get some endurance in on Saturday mornings.  This morning was different.  A lot of us are training for the Austin 10/20 race on April 3rd.  This is a 10 mile race, nice and flat, and at every 5 miles there is a band playing live music, hence 10/20.  At the finish line there is a head liner band that everyone is welcome to enjoy.  This year I believe it is Fast Ball.  The race is still fairly new, this being it’s 5th year running.  I have done it every other year so far, so this will be number 3 for me.  My PR for this race has been 1:47:14 set in 2014.  I’m hoping for closer to 1:30:00 this year!


So Lifetime Run North decided to meet up with the South Lifetime Run group and do a distance run around beautiful Town Lake (to long time Austin residences) or Lady Bird Lake/Butler Trail (to the newbies).  Last night we had some storms come through and with them they brought a wonderful cold front.  It was a little windy but the temps were right around 50 degrees at 7am when we got started (much better in my opinion then the 90 degrees I ran in on Tuesday).  The Town Lake trail is a big oval an there are several bridges that cross over the lake at different points.  You can run as little as 3 miles and if you do the full loop, you can hit 10 miles.  We had about 20 people total and everyone spilt into groups based on how far they wanted to run.  The first group, was the biggest, and they headed out to do the full 10.  My group was next and we did 7 miles and then we had a couple doing 5 and couple doing 3 miles.


I was planning on only doing 5 miles when I left the house but some of the girls that are right around my same pace said they were doing the 7 miles and urged me to join them.  What can I say, runner’s peer pressure!  I felt really great for about the first 5-6 miles.  We didn’t have a head wind until about half way through.  And then, just like with he Austin Half Marathon, my knees started to act up!  UGH!  It wasn’t as terrible but a little disappointing.  Maybe the headwind threw my form off a little?  Who knows.  Just glad I finished and glad that I could reach 7 miles with less then 3 weeks to train left.

7 miles 52 degrees at 7am with Lifetime Run North and South Austin

  • Overall time 1:06:35
  • Average pace 9:29
  • Splits 9:36, 9:09, 8:59, 9:52, 9:46, 9:22, 9:18
  • Average cadence, right on, at 180!



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