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A little taste of summer

Last night I got in a 4 mile run with my running group.  Daylight savings changed at the beginning of the week, so for the first time in a long time, we had daylight for the whole run.  Unfortunately, summer decided to pay Central Texas a visit too.  We broke the record and got all the way to 92 degrees!  I am a cold weather runner.  I do best when the temps are around 40-50 degrees and for the most part, we hadn’t been out of the 70s and 80s for the last couple weeks.  So running in 90 degree weather out of no where took a toll on my run.  After mile 3 I just wanted to finish and even had to stop and walk for a couple yards.  On the other hand, I didn’t have any pain on this run.   I guess the visit to the chiropractor the day before was beneficial!  I can always re-get used to the heat, but any type of injury, no matter how small, must not be ignored.

4 mile run 90 degrees at 6pm with Lifetime Run – North Austin

  • Overall time 38:25
  • Average pace 9:40
  • Splits 9:24, 9:23, 9:32, 10:06
  • Average cadence 174 (still a little too slow)

This morning I got up and went over to the gym to join the 10am Barbell Strength class.  I usually try to make this class every Wednesday.  It’s a great class that touches on every muscle group in three sets.  Everyone has their own barbell and set of weights.  2×2.5 pound plates, 2×5 pound plates, and 2×10 pound plates and usually a set of free weights as well (I had 8 pound free weights today).  The warm up goes over every move we will do in each set and we usually start all the same with 20 pound on our barbell.  We do moves like deadlifts, rows, upward rows, biceps curls, triceps extensions, clean and press, skull crushers, dips, lunges, serval different ab moves, push ups, and a lot of squats!  The instructor mixes up the sets with different 4 count holds.  Maybe 3 down and 1 up or 2 down and hold for 2 and so on.  It’s a really great workout and you get to decide how much weight you want for each set.

This workout always makes me feel nice and stretched out.  It has helped my hips get stronger and I have definition in my arms now as well.  Not to mention it is great for cross training; your heart rate definitely gets up there from time to time.  As a runner I would defiantly recommend doing a class like this or my group class I mentioned the other day.  Running isn’t just about how strong your legs are, it’s a whole body function.  If your core is weak or your hips are tight, it can cause a lot of other issues down the road.


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