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Why did I get up this early

Last two days I have been working on getting myself back on track.  Between recovering from the Austin Half Marathon, going out of town, and being in a little hormonal funk, I’ve been slacking off with my running and gym workouts.

I’m on a good start so far.  Monday I got in a little run (even though it was hard to get out the door).  My right knee had a little kink in it after about 2.75 miles.  So, I only went 3 miles because I didn’t want to over do.  I headed over to the chiropractor a little later in the day to get in a “tune up” before I committed to more miles.

3 mile run 68 degrees at 9:23am

  • Overall time 27:58
  • Average pace 9:19
  • Splits 9:15, 9:27, 9:07
  • Average cadence 176 (a little slower then the 180 I like to be at)

Tuesday morning I got up even earlier and went to the gym to join my trainer’s, runner focused, group strength, workout.  I absolutely love doing this workout!  It’s usually with a group of 3-4 people from our running club, and our coach, is the trainer.  It’s a little mix of cardio, core and whatever other pain he chooses to put us through!

My trainer/coach has been bugging me for awhile now to come back, at least once a week, for this workout.  I always feel awake and ready to go afterwards.  Which is a good thing because tonight is our club’s social run too!  It’s gotten pretty warm here in Austin, so this evening’s run should be good one!

1 hour group workout at 6am

Warm up

  • 500m row

First set (alternating x3)

  • pendulum leg swings for 45 sec
  • bridges on stability ball for 45 sec
  • 20 count forearm in and out planks on stability ball
  • 100m row

Second set (alternating x4)

  • 10 front lunge, cable wood chop, right and left side
  • 20 walking, deep, lunges with alternating knee up
  • 10 single leg tap lunges, right and left side

Third set (alternating x4)

  • 5 barbell thrust ups 45lbs
  • 10 lunge skips ups on edge of platform, right and left side
  • 10 push ups (3 sets on knees, one on feet)

Forth set (alternating x4)

  • 5 single arm kettle bell swings, right and left side
  • 5 side lunges with kettle bell, right and left side
  • 12 TRX deep rows



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