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So much going on in my little head again.  Can’t narrow down what to write about.  All this should fuel me over the next couple months of blogging!

  • Going to Sonoma, California to stay with my best friend and her husband for 5 days.  Can’t wait to see wine country and San Fran!
  • Just ordered my first pair of Luna Sandals.  Yes I plan on running in them, no I’m not crazy.  Just ready to get my feet a step closer to being actually barefoot!
  • So far I have gained about 5 pounds in the almost 3 months I haven’t been employed.  I know that’s not a lot but my BMI went up a little too, so it’s time to get back at it!
  • Conflicted by the whole Leonardo DiCaprio “save the environment” speech at the Oscars and the fact that he wastes so much fossils fuel between his private jet and yacht.
  • I’m turning 36 in less then two weeks!  To me this is a big one.  It is the first step closer to 40 in my eyes.
  • At the end of March, I am going back to Arizona to see my family.  My mom and I are getting another matching tattoo and she will be getting her third tattoo as well!  Love my mom to death!  She is full of surprises lately!
  • Contemplating trying to do a running streak.  Want to see how many consecutive days of running I can do.  Even if it’s only 2-3 miles a day.
  • Reading way too many books at once right now:
  • Excited that I will have my new camera and the knowledge of how to use it on my two upcoming trips.  Then at the end of the month I start another photography class so that I can make my photos even better.
  • Started a crafty project of turning my running bibs into wall art!  Finally going to do something to display all my bibs and metals!

And the list goes on and on……..


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