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Saturday Speed Work

Rolled out of bed this morning at 6:10am so that I could get ready to go run with my group.  Saturday’s are interval days, so I knew I was going to be doing work!  Outside it was a chilly 46 degrees and sunny.  Perfect running weather!

I am still pretty bruised up and my KT tape is starting to resemble an octopus crawling down my leg.  I have been doing my “exercises” at home to help strengthen my hips.  Clam shells, reverse clam shells, squats, and crab walks; all with resistance bands.  I do 20 of each, on each side, 3 times a day.  I am also supposed to be rolling out my quadriceps, but currently can only roll the tops and inner thigh areas.  The areas on the outer sides, that really need to be rolled, are still too bruised.

My left knee has been doing great.  No pain on my Thursday run.  No pain today.  But my right side still isn’t there yet.  I got through the warm up and one repeat and then it started to flare up.  Our coach wanted us to do 4 repeats but I could only commit to two if I was going to run the 2 miles back.  I had a good pace going back but my knee was ready to be done.

I’m going back to The Tri Doc next Wednesday and hoping they will be able to work on my right side some more.  Then I will have about a weeks worth of rest because I am going out of town.  I was going to try to get in a run, but I think it would be better to just rest and enjoy my time in northern California.

Run down of this mornings workout (total miles 5.6)

  • 2.1 mile warm up @8:53 pace
  • 800m @6:53 pace
  • 200m @5:51 pace
  • 800m @6:43 pace
  • 200m @5:27 pace
  • 2.1 mile cool down @9:13 pace

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