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The tool

I have run about 9 miles total over the last week since the half marathon.  Pesky knee pain kept coming back.  Not a normal thing for me to experience.  90% of the time I run pain free.  As long as I keep up on my stretching, strength training and foam rolling I am usually good to go.  So, needless to say, it was time to make an appointment with the fantastic people at The Tri Doc.

Driving there today I already knew what was going to happen.  I was getting sweaty just thinking about it.  Sure, I would get adjusted and given some new recovery drills.  But I also knew I would come face to face with “the Tool”.  I am referring to the metal tool that is used with the Graston Technique.  Graston is a form of treatment that breaks up scar tissue that gets formed in different places on the body.  The way it is broken up is by rubbing the affected area with one of many different shaped metal tools.  The one I am most familiar with resembles a butter knife.  My doctor basically rubbed the tool along each side of my IT Band with a decent amount of pressure (although I feel like “rubbed” is too gentle of a word to use).  As she was doing that, I could feel all the little gnarly bumps and kicks along that tendon.  The focus of this practice, is to rid the patient of all those little imperfections that make up the scar tissue.  Once it is all broken up, the tendon can release and function better.  Since there is so much pressure applied, and it is usually already a tender area, bruising can occur and it can be painful in certain areas.

Now, I bruise like a freaking peach!  I get all sorts of bruises that most of the time, I have no idea where they came from.  So, when something is going to purposely bruise me, you better believe that it is going to be one hell of a bruise.  I thought about including pictures of my poor legs, but then I fear no one would believe me when I say this shit really works!  It hurts like hell when it is being done, leaves you looking like someone hit you with a baseball bat, but you instantly feel better the second you leave the table.  It’s like taking foam rolling to level 100.  (If you google something like “after Graston technique” and hit images you can see for yourself.  And whatever the craziest picture is that you can find, imagine that along the sides of my thighs.)  Now doesn’t that just make you want to run out the door and ask your friendly chiropractor/physical therapist if they are familiar with this practice?

But on a serious note, as I said before, this technique really works. I have had it done on my legs, neck, feet and shoulders and each time had instant release of my pain symptoms.  Others that I have talked to also swear by it.  You feel relief almost instantly and down time is a lot less.  In fact, I got the ok to start running again as soon as tomorrow.  (Thank goodness we had a cold front move in this week because there is no way I would go out of the house in shorts right now!)  So, if you are looking for holistic relief from built up scar tissue, I would highly recommend finding a provider of this form of therapy.


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