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Too much work, not enough rest

I got out and ran with my running group this morning.  I absolutely love running with them.  I love meeting the new people that join.  I love talking with all the regulars.  I just love talking about races and paces and PR’s oh my!  But sometimes I push myself a little too hard to make myself present.

It has only just been a week since I did my very first half marathon.  And it was a hard half.  Very hilly.  Lots of unexpected knee pain.  So having never done a half before, I have no idea how long you are supposed to rest to recover.  This past week I had two full days off from any kind of physical activity.  Then on the third day I did some barbell, total body, strength work.  On day four, I ran my first four miles since the half.  It was a hard 4 miles.  Knees started to hurt again, but my pace was good.  Yesterday was another day of full rest.  I was going to go to spin in the morning, but I was just too tired so I opted out.

Now from all the training I had been doing, I had missed the last three group runs, which drove me batty!  I’m personally in charge of updating our Facebook page with what we accomplish each time we run.  Who came, how far, and how long.  I love doing that.  So having only ran 4 miles all week, I thought it would be safe to come back to the group today.  We had a good group.  About 10 people and with a couple of newbies!  Coach had us set to do 3-4 one mile repeats.  Ugh.  Well, I guess if you are going to come back, come back with a bang right?

Mile repeats at the longest distance we do for interval work.  You need to try to do them at a race pace, meaning you should be comfortably, uncomfortable but be able to maintain.  We did the first one as a group so that everyone could see the course.  Then the next three were on your own and you had a 3 minute recovery in-between.  The speedy people took off all doing around 6:30-7:30 minute miles.  The latter half of us (including myself) stayed around a 8:30-8:45 minute miles which is still no easy feat.

The first one I felt ok but 3 and 4 were tough.  Knees were hurting, but were fine as soon as I was finished and don’t hurt when I walk either.  One guy in my group asked how I was feeling.  I told him not like I usually do.  Another suggested to take all of next week off, maybe do some yoga and other low impact cross training.  I think that is exactly what I’m going to do.  I already made an appointment for Tuesday with the good people at The Tri Doc.  I have no idea how much rest I really need but I do know that come April I have the 10/20 a 10 mile race and The Capitol City 10k a 6.2 mile race and in May the Sunshine Run for another 6.2 miles.  So I need to be in good working condition in order to train for those.  Hopefully I have not set myself back and the issues in my knees can be resolved soon.  I have to remind myself that rest is just as important, if not more important, then the work!

Run down of my workout this morning (total miles 5.7):

  • .51 mile run to gym @9:24 pace
  • .52 warm up with group @9:40 pace
  • 1.05 course warm up with group @8:49 pace
  • 1.01 mile repeat at race pace @7:59 pace
  • 1 mile repeat at race pace @8:28 pace
  • 1 mile repeat at race pace @8:44 pace
  • .42 cool down with group @9:56 pace
  • .19 back home (couldn’t run the whole .51 home) @9:17 pace




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