Everyday, Vegan

Veggie monster

Tonight I am making my first artichoke in my Instant Pot.  I remember having artichokes as a kid and loving them!  My parents would steam one and we would all eat the leaves and fight over the heart!  The only difference now is, (as a vegan) I won’t be slathering it in butter, and I won’t have to share it with anyone because it is too strange looking for my husband to even want to try.  Oh well, more for me!

I have been eating more and more vegetables lately.  I mean obviously I eat a lot of them already, but for some reason I have been craving things I normally don’t.  Like I have found these locally grown, sweet carrots.  In the store they still have their tops and usually have remnants of the dirt they were grown in still on them.  Now I have never been a carrot lover.  I used to think they reminded me of what grass must taste like.  But these babies; they are amazing!  I can eat them raw by themselves or dipped maybe in some hummus.  And I crave then at all times of the day.  Which is awesome because their is really no bad time to eat a carrot!

The same has been true for cherry tomatoes.  Never, ever liked the smaller tomatoes and didn’t even really care for the lager varieties either.  On a sandwich or maybe a pizza every now and then, but nothing that I couldn’t live without.  Now I can’t stop popping these little guys in my mouth every time I open the fridge!  So crunchy and then juicy!  Just the right amount of sweetness and earthy taste all in one.  And some of the heirloom varieties come in all different, vibrant colors.

And the list goes on.  Cucumbers, celery, asparagus, and even the root vegetable jicama!  They have all been in my fridge more and more over the last couple weeks.  I think because I am home now, I have more time to prepare and munch on these wonderful lovelies.  Before I used to buy many vegetables with the best of intentions.  I would pick out the best ones and delicately bring them home.  Then they would get placed into my veggie drawer in my fridge and that is where they would meet their demise.  Too busy or too tired from the work week, I would never find the time to prep them.  So instead of feeding me, they would feed my compost bin.  Now, I’m so excited to see what is available each week I go to the store.  And as soon as I get them home, they get washed and ready to eat ASAP!

This weekend I really want to go to one or two of our local farms/famers markets.  Even though I have been enjoying my new bounty, I do realize they come to me (and everyone else) at a cost.  Whether it be from California, Florida, or even Mexico and South America most fruits and veggies travel farther to get to my plate then I do to buy them at the store.  I want to cut down on that.  I want to focus on eating more of the items that are currently in season and in my own state.  I know this maybe limiting at times, but I think it is a more responsible way to enjoy them.  It’s better for the environment, better for the famers, and will in turn educate me more about the cycles of the seasons.


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