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Rest and Recovery

With the half marathon officially two days behind me, I am starting to feel a little better.  The rest of the day Sunday and part of the day Monday were pretty bad.  Had bad runner’s knee in both knees and was just tired.  So I rested, alternated between taking Ibuprofen and Turmeric (Turmeric is a natural anti inflammatory spice.  I have it in tablet form, but some people mix it into their smoothies or teas in a powder form.)  and massaged/rolled my calves and other leg muscles.

Interesting thing started to happen when I was really massaging my calf muscles; my knee pain started to subside.  The whole time I thought it was my hamstrings that were the cause of this horrible pain, which I’m sure they played some roll, but my calf muscles were the true culprits.  They were so tight and when they started to release, so did the pain.  Makes sense I guess with all the hill work on that course.  Calves were working pretty hard!

My running group meets tonight, and although I am feeling better then I have in two days, I think I will hold back until after my massage tomorrow.  I rather be safe than sorry.  This will mark the 3rd time I have missed running with the group.  That bums me out because I am like my coach’s second in command, so I like to be present as much as possible.  I love our group.  I love the sense of community it brings.  I’ve met a lot of great people there.  Had some of my best runs with those people and just love to see everyone out doing what they love.  But we have all been there before.  Everyone in our group can fully understand (or will learn) how important proper recovery is.  I would hate to hurt myself even worse by coming back too soon, so I will be chilling out tonight.  I’m hoping to get in some strength training on Wednesday and then going to try to run 3-4 miles again on Thursday.  If all goes well with that run, I will be back in the saddle for when the group meets on Saturday!  I know my body pretty well and even though my heart wants me to run, my brain is going to win this round with some more rest.


4 thoughts on “Rest and Recovery

  1. Hi. I’ve found sitting cross legged or kneeling down for even a few minutes helps with the knees. If it is too painful, you could use support under the buttocks to elevate yourself. Initially I could barely sit for a few minutes but as the time slowly increased, I noticed lighter knees and legs.


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