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Slacking off = overflow of new stuff

So much going on that I have slacked off a bit.  I was honestly glad to have the No Spend Chanellge over because I was ready to write about something new, but now that it has been over I haven’t wrote anything new!  What gives?  Well I’m still here, and I still have a ton of things on my mind that I can’t wait to let out!  Here is just a little sneak peak of what has been stewing in my brain!

  • We have successfully downsized to be a one car family!  Saving money on our car payments, insurance, and environmental impact.
  • My 101 Photography class had it’s last meeting today.  I really enjoyed the past 6 weeks and can’t wait to start the next class in March.
  • I have run my farthest distance of 10 miles this week and beat my past time recorded two years ago, by 12mins.
  • And with that, I am running my first half marathon on Sunday February the 14th!  And I have serval other races coming up in April and May.
  • Finishing up reading an amazing book called:  “No Impact Man……” by Conlin Beavan.  Can’t wait to talk about what a great read it has been.
  • It’s been two months since I lost my job, and I have finally been able to see how that was a blessing in disguise.  My husband says I seem happier then I have been in a long time.
  • I booked a flight to see my very best friend in Sonoma, CA at the beginning of March.
  • I am also looking to book another trip to Arizona to see my parents, probably in April and my mom is all ready to get her second tattoo with me!
  • I am brainstorming so many other ways that we can have a more positive impact on the environment and/or save money for what is really important.  Looking into things like paper towel alternatives, shopping at farmers markets, using grey water in the toilets and to water plants, planting a vegetable garden that we could use our compost in, mastering how to use a menstrual cup, and canceling cable (again).
  • Also saved one injured kitty in our neighborhood.  Poor thing had a non-weight baring front leg/paw.  Had been walking around our complex for over a week that way.  After about 30mins, of luring with food, I got kitty into our garage and called animal control.

I’m sure there is even more floating around up there but that is what I could regurgitate at the moment.  I’m hoping to write a blog about each of these things really, really soon.  So stay tuned!


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