No Spend Challenge

The end of the road: Day 30/31

Started off the end of the challenge by receiving a check from our insurance company for an out of network claim.  Got back over $600 and we should have even more coming because 3 of the visits have not been processed yet!  It feels good to go out with a bang!  My husband thanked me tonight for always looking out for us financially.  He says he is always surprised by all the ways I manage to save us money.

Day thirty of The No Spend Challenge requests that we write a page about our experience, so here goes!

Even though I have always been some what of a frugal and very responsible person when it comes to money, I will say that this challenge really helped me to learn some things.  I think the biggest thing that I have learned, which I have mentioned many times through out the month, is that I don’t need to spend money on “stuff” to find/feel happiness.  I have felt more full and content in this last month then I have in a long time.  Coincidentally this has also been the first month, in a very long time, that I have not had to go to work.  In the past, being unemployed was such a scary thought.  Even though my husband brings home a healthy salary and even though we are a very small family (just me and him), I was always so worried about not being able to make ends meet.  Or about having to give up everything and never being allowed to have any fun again.  But neither of those things happened.  Instead we are doing just fine and couldn’t be happier.

More money does not equal more happiness, nor does having more things.  All of that just means more resposiblity and in turn, more stress.  I love living our simply little life.  We spend money where it is important and we save when it is even more important.  We have great balance and I think that’s what life is really about.  Finding balance day in and day out, makes everything seem more peaceful, more doable, and just simpler.  I’m hoping to make this year all about living simpler.

I am also thankful for this challenge because it has given me something to blog about for the passed 30 days.  Having something to focus my time on has also brought me great happiness.  Some days were easier then others to write about, but I still managed to put my spin on each day.  It was a great personal accomplishment and just the jump start that I needed.  Plus it was a perfect example of doing something enjoyable that didn’t cost a thing!  I hope everyone else who participated (or who maybe reading this) finds some personal happiness and learns as much as I did!


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