No Spend Challenge

Feedback: Day 29

This portion of my blog is directly from The No Spend Challenge, Day 29.  Here is a little personal feedback about my challenge.  Only the answers are my own, the rest was provided by the website.

1. How many days did you participate in this challenge?

A) Just found out about it today
B) 0-3
C) 4-10
D) 11 or more

2. Which of the previous 28 day’s post of The No Spend Challenge did you like best?

Day: __, why?  For me it would have to be all the weekly reflection days.  I really liked being able to look back at all the weeks challenges and see how far I had come.  Sometimes we spend so much time and energy trying to follow each day to the tee that we forget to look back and see how far we have come.  Those days were the most meaningful.

3. If you were writing this challenge for yourself or others what would you change?

I would take out some of the days that seem to repeat themselves.  Some of those days were hard enough and then to have to apply them again was really tricky.  And in place of those days I would maybe add something for the people out there that have very small (maybe child-free) families or that are single.  

4. How did you find out about and The No Spend Challenge?

A) EagleSoarhigher’s Facebook Page
B) Facebook group: Please list which group 
C) Twitter
D) Pinterest
E) Google+
F) Other: Please include in your comment

5. Are you religious? If so, what do you think of a revised No Spend Challenge geared toward your local church?

No, I am not religious.  But I do think that you could apply this challenge to many forms of groups.  Let’s face it, no matter who you are, we can all benefit from learning how to save a little money and live with a little less “stuff”.



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