No Spend Challenge

To infinity and beyond: Day 27

Well my worst fear from the other day happened.  I made my new to me recipe, with new to me ingredients, and……. it was not very good at all.  Sad face.  Now I have a couple ingredients that I will probably never use again.  One just had the worst taste (white miso paste), and the other I may use again, but probably not too soon.  I hate wasting food; throwing away perfectly good food (well not good to me) makes me so mad.  I feel like it is the same as burning money.  At least going forward, I will know not to waste my time on any other recipes that require these ingredients.

We are coming to an end of our month long challenge, so now it’s time to prepare for the future.  Day 27 of The No Spend Challenge is about making a budget for the months to come.  Luckily, going into this challenge, we already had a weekly budget in place.  My personal goal was to cut back on the spending that I did outside of our necessities budget.  I have always left a buffer in our account for our wants so that our needs would could still be met without worry.  But now that we are a one income house hold, our wants budget had to shrink a little so that I could still save money and maintain our needs.

I have learned that we don’t really need as much as I thought.  For example, I used to buy a lot of clothes.  In the past I could spend a lot of money on clothes that I probably didn’t even really need.  Now, if it doesn’t bring me absolute joy or fill a huge need, I don’t buy it or I give it away.  Same goes for just various things online.  With things like Amazon, it is so easy to buy a lot of things that most people could live without.  Click and it ships right to your door.  And with delivery getting faster and faster, instant gratification is becoming easier and easier.

I almost see online shopping as the next big evil.  The next “addiction” or at least some people will try to deem it that.  But in the end it is all about self control and self worth.  People are not their things and their things should not define them.  And with that said, making a budget, whether you write it down or use an app, can be a very helpful tool.  It can help you control your spending and increase your worth.

The most important part of that budget, at least according to me, is to always pay yourself first!  Even if it’s just $20 a month.  Then plan for your needs and if there is any left over that would be for your wants.  And with your wants, make sure they bring you joy.  Actual joy.  Not just filling some hole because you are emotional for what ever reason.  Things will not bring you happiness.  Only realizing why you turn wants into needs, will make you happy.  Fill your house and your heart with things that really matter to you.  Maybe memories over material items.  Good luck to everyone in the future, you can do this!


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