No Spend Challenge

Now that’s my kind of fun: Day 25

We finished up the rest of our anniversary weekend with minimal damage.  We actually met up with one of our really close friends that was at our wedding and he took us out to dinner.  The only thing we spent money on was some groceries.  The rest of the day we spent just hanging out.

Now onto day twenty-five of The No Spend Challenge.  Another day of free family fun.  For us free date night and free family fun are the same thing.  We don’t have children, so all our time is spent with each other (well not ALL our time, but you know what I mean).  So I think instead of talking about what we do for fun again, I am going to talk about what things I do personally for fun without my husband.

Since most couples have some different interests, I do have things I enjoy doing without him.  The biggest thing that I focus my free time on during the week is my running.  Running is great because for the most part it is free!  Just put on your shoes and head out the door!  I usually run 3-4 times a week.  I am apart of a running group and I am very involved with it.  I manage the social media page for our group; updating information about our runs, up coming races and posting our group pictures.  I love it.  Love the people I get to run with.  I’ve made some really great friends and we have a really great coach too!  And when I am not running with them I am either out by myself or with my running buddy.

My other interests, that occupy my time are, this blog as well as my photography.  Plus, honestly, I love just hanging around the house with my cats and reading or researching new things.  And even though I don’t do it that often, I do enjoy trying new recipes from my assortment of vegan cookbooks!  Although the food does cost money, the actual cooking is good, clean, free fun!  And as the year progresses I hope to learn more and more about myself and what I truly enjoy investing my time in!



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