No Spend Challenge

Treasure hunting: Day 23 and 24

Wow this weekend totally got away from me!  Today I will have to cover the whole weekend in one day.  First time for everything I guess!  This was our one year wedding anniversary (as well as my 6th year together).  So with that said, yes there was some money spent!  We each got each other gifts, which we honestly don’t do but a couple times a year.  And we went out for a couple meals but nothing over board from what we would normally do.  Plus we had a gift of $100 from my parents that helped pay for all that.  Honestly, when I really look back on it, we really didn’t spend that much more then any other weekend.

So here we are at day twenty-three and twenty-four of The No Spend Challenge.  First, it’s all about uncovering free money!  Whether you find it in your sofa cushions or car seats, we all have spare change laying around.  We have a “piggy bank” that all our change goes into.  Once it is full, I take it over to our credit union and cash it in for free (some places will charge you a fee/percentage to cash in your change, so be careful so you aren’t giving any of that away).  When the little bank is full it will usually have close to $100 in it.  Ours is pretty empty right now because we don’t use as much cash any longer.  If I have actually cash, I tend to spend more then if I know the money is coming out of our checking that I have to balance and pay bills from.

I also checked into the unclaimed funds website for my state.  Supposedly my name came up for some claims but I am a little leery of checking into it much further.  The website wants me to enter my social security number to verify if this claim is actually for me or for someone with my name.  The place that the claim states the money is from is not somewhere I am familiar with, so I’m not sure if I am going to risk it.  I am very responsible with knowing exactly where every penny of our money goes so I’m pretty sure this must be for a different person.  Be careful with throwing your personally information around on the internet.  Identity theft could whined up costing you hundreds and thousands of dollars, as well as your credit rating, which is priceless.  It goes back to that old saying, “if it seems to be too good to be true, it probably is”.

Now after you find all your “millions”, save it, and have another date night in!  Our second day this weekend is about having another free date night.  We have nights like this all the time.  We will stay in and watch a movie together, talk or just sit with music on and read.  We love low key nights and would much rather do those things then be out among the younger, wilder, crowds.  But if we do choose to go out it may involve going for a walk or hike at our favorite park or walking around downtown for some photo opts or just to take in the city and people watch.

I hope everyone enjoys this last weekend of the challenge and comes out on top going into Monday.  We should all be so proud of ourselves.  This has not always been an easy road to be traveling on.  I know the things that I have learned about myself and the reasons I spend money or choose to save money have been priceless tools that I can continue to use in the future!



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