No Spend Challenge

A little break for me: Day 20

So yesterday we did have to spend a little bit of money but it was money well spent.  The two services were the type of things that I save for the rest of the month so that when the time comes, we have money for them.

First one was (as I have talked about before) for our cleaning lady to come ($100) and do our once a month cleaning.  This is money well spent to me.  She does an amazing job and then I don’t have to waste five hours of soul crushing time to do it myself.  The second thing we had to spend money ($80)  on was for our therapist.  She is more so my husbands therapist (he has PTSD and anxiety issues), but I too have had sessions with her alone and with him as well.  This is something that comes up every two weeks, but it too is money well spent.  It helps to keep us both sane!  Plus at the end of the year I submit a out of network claim with his insurance for all of our visits and we get about 80% of the money back!

On another note, I did make $14.50 by selling some books that I no longer needed.  But then I turned around and bought a book for $12.95.  After tax, I had made a whole $.46!  Woohoo!  But the amount of room that I made by getting rid of two shelves of books was priceless.  I am going to try my hardest to only buy audio or eBooks if and when I have to buy them at all.

Now for day twenty of The No Spend Challenge.  This is truly a day that I won’t be participating in.  We have no kids, so we have no kids mess to clean up!  I will however keep on tidying up things around the house by implementing the KonMari method.  I have gone through my closet many, many times, but I think I am going to jump in one more time.  Really touch and see every item and look for joy within it.

So good luck to all you parents out there.  That in itself is a full time job.  I hope that you will choose to involve your children in the cleaning process as well as explaining to them the importance of recycling and donating.  My mother taught me about donating old or unwanted items when I was very young.  I was an only child so there were no younger siblings to pass things down too.  Now, years later, I still think it is an awesome thing to do.  There is so much waste already in the world, so why make more?  It can also be a great time to teach them about living with less or even about earning an allowance so that they will understand the value of their items.



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