No Spend Challenge

Break the cycle, conquer the pile: Day 19

Yesterday got away from me a little.  I had to go grocery shopping and spent a little bit more then I had planned.  No idea what came over me.  Probably didn’t need some of the stuff I got.  Not that it will go to waste but I still had a decent amount of food at home that could have gotten me through this week as well.  Then I went for our monthly visit to the big box warehouse store.  They always ask me at the register if “I found everything I needed?” and  I always do and then some!  We used to go every two weeks, but it had been a month since our last visit, so we needed a little bit more.  Had a lot of items that we buy every 2-3 months all just happened to run out at the same time.  No worries though.  I will be back on track for tomorrow!

Day nineteen of The No Spend Challenge is another cleaning endeavor.  I almost wasn’t going to write about this day, because it is about cleaning up your home office.  We don’t really have a home office.  I sit at our kitchen counter on a barstool with the laptop in front of me when I am blogging, reviewing photographs, paying bills or scanning social media.  The “office” part disappears as soon as I close the lap top and put it away.

I am pretty OCD about opening the mail right when I bring it in.  I recycle what needs to be recycled.  Shred what needs to be shred and the bills have a home in an organizer on the wall.  I place them there in the order that I need to pay them.  That little storage unit also holds are stamps and return address labels.  I do have to go through it every now and then because I also store an receipts that I need to hold on to.  Sometimes I forget about them and before you know it I have receipts that are over 6 months old.  (Occasionally that has saved my butt when I have needed to return something but for the most part I only keep them until we have used and decided to keep everything on them.)

I do have a shredder.  That is the one place that I need to be more diligent about cleaning up.  We compost and so when the shredder gets full it has to be taken outside and throw into the compost tumbler.  That involves going down a flight of stairs, out side and then into the back yard.  So sometime I get lazy and the shredder will sit full for awhile.  If I can’t shred anything, then I set what needs to be on top of the machine and it tends to pile up.  Then when I finally do compost the shred I have to come in and shred a great big pile of stuff.  It becomes more time consuming and then the shredder is full again in no time.  Not a very effective cycle, so that is something I need to find a better solution for.

What solutions do you hope to find in order to keep your areas clean?  Do you have a away to store things like bills and important documents or do you go digging through a pile every time you need to find something?  Or maybe you find it most helpful to choose the paperless option for bills and documents?  Looking forward to hearing everyones stores and seeing their pictures!  Happy organizing!


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