No Spend Challenge

Let it go, let it go: Day 18

I am so proud of myself!  For the first time this month I only ate out once on a Sunday! I found a new class at the gym that is Sunday morning’s so instead of going to breakfast, I made my meal at home and then was off to the gym by 9:30.  I know my husband wasn’t to happy to eat by himself but I felt like I hit two birds with one stone!  We did go out for dinner (and a movie); as well as a small trip to the grocery store but all in all it was a successful weekend.

On to day eighteen of The No Spend Challenge;  cleaning out our closets.  I like how the challenge suggests to take everything out of the closet and to set it on the bed or the floor.  It is very important to make sure you physically touch everything that is in a room or area that you plan on cleaning.  I personally think when you take the time to touch everything, you connect (or disconnect) with that item’s energy.  Do you feel good vibes from it?  Does it bring back bad memories?  Or is it totally void of anything that you may have felt for it?  These are the things to ask yourself after you pick up, touch and even try on each item.

I also really try to follow the six month rule.  If I have not touched something (that is not seasonal) within six months, then I donate it.  This goes for tops, bottoms, shoes, athletic clothes, and lounge wear; as well as styles!  I feel like I have failed if I don’t produce at least one bag of items to donate.  The other rule I’ve been implementing lately is, if I need a hanger and don’t have a free one, rather then buying more, I find an item that I can let go of.  This keeps a sort of balance in my closet or dresser.

The newest thing that I would like to attempt is something I read about turning all your hangers backwards.  Then after you wear and wash an item, when you put it back up you face the hanger correct way.  After a certain amount of time (maybe six months) whatever is still facing backwards you know you don’t have a passion for any longer and so it is time to let it go.  I plan on doing this right after I “tidy” my closet following the “Konmari” method of cleaning.  I think doing both things together will help get me cleaned out as well as being proactive for the next time.

So let it go…. Let it go, if it doesn’t bring you joy anymore!  Sorry if I put the annoy song in your head but for some reason it seems fitting.  We attach emotional bonds to so many things in our lives when really we just need to clean up and clear out the closets in our minds.  And when we do so many great things open up and we just feel better.  Feel lighter.  Good luck to everyone!  You can do this!  1980 is calling and it wants it wardrobe back, so get to it!



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