No Spend Challenge

Memories are free: Day 17

Weekends seem to be the days that some of us fall of track.  A lot of the time the weekend marks two days off with family instead of passing for a couple hours a day during the busy week.  There also seems to be less of a schedule; less of the 9-5.

Yesterday we made it through the day.  Well I should say that I made it through the day.  I kept my promise to myself and only ate out for dinner and didn’t have any other expenditures.  My husband on the other hand has a much harder time with the idea of cutting back.  Sometimes I feel like he spends what I am trying to save.  On the weekends he has to eat out for breakfast each day, as well as dinner and sometimes even lunch.  Not to mention he just gets a bug up his butt to just spend money on whatever he can.  Most of the time I can try to reason with him but sometimes it’s not worth the argument.  He would never spend enough to put us in any sort of “trouble” but I do wish he could see how every little bit adds up.

Day seventeen of The No Spend Challenge is all about having a free date night.  Date night for us is usually just going out for dinner.  We are not really “night life” people and for the most part we already usually do things that don’t cost us any money to enjoy.

Ever since I started my photography class, we have been taking trips downtown just to walk together and take pictures of the city.  I really enjoy doing this.  It’s free, it gives us time to be outside and to get some exercise.  Plus it gives me time to mess around with my camera.  In the past we have done other things like ride our bikes on the local hike and bike trail.  Or even just take walks around our neighborhood.  A lot of the time we will just stay in and watch a movie or just sit and read together.  We do spend money at times to go out and see a movie or to just go window shopping (which will usually involve one of us buying something) but those times are very few and far between.

It is very easy for me to do activities that don’t involve spending money or very little money if needed.  I think it is just all about the time that you spend together as a couple or a family.  Memories are priceless and don’t have to cost anything.  I would rather save the money from the little weekly outings and spend it on a nice vacation once or twice a year.  And even then a lot of our vacations involve free actives such as hiking and walking around the town we are in.  We even cut back more by visiting and staying with family and friends when we do travel.

I have a lot of other ideas that I would love to do in time.  Picnic and feed the squirrels at the Capital building.  Hike some new areas around town.  Go for free tours of local breweries or visit the museums on there free admission days.  Or even volunteer to do a park clean up or walk dogs at the animals shelter together.  The ideas are endless.


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