No Spend Challenge

Picture this: Day 16

My two bags of books are sitting by the door ready to be sold!  Didn’t get around to selling them yesterday but I will come Monday.  Then after I sell them I will head off to do our weekly grocery shopping and use the money from the books to help pay when I check out!  Score!

Now onto day sixteen of The No Spend Challenge.  I have to be honest, out of all 30 days, this day is the hardest for me to connect with.  I’m in total favor of the idea of  bartering.  I think to exchanging services, instead of money, is priceless.  I can see how so much can come from that.  A more established sense of community among other things.  But I guess you have to have a community to give and take from in order to do that.  I feel like now, more then ever, people don’t even know who lives next to them.  Let alone what special talents or skills that they may posses.  Plus I’m not sure myself if currently I have anything to offer anyone.  I know that sounds pretty negative but it is how I currently feel.

I do feel like in time, my new growing knowledge of photography maybe something that I could offer to people.  I’m not really into photographing people (say for weddings or baby pictures), but maybe pets, architecture or website product pages.  There was  a moment about a month ago when a friend of mine, who makes and sells his own jewelry joked with me about taking product pictures for his new website.  Funny enough his wife is the person who cleans our house.  I guess if there was any seriousness to his suggestion, that would be a great place to start.  I wouldn’t expect him to pay me;  I actually think it would be fun to help him out, but in turn it would be great if maybe an hour of my time could equal to an hour of cleaning time for us.

So for this day I will be looking forward to seeing what all of you have to say.  Maybe one of you will spark an idea in my head that I have not yet thought of.  That’s a barter all in itself.  We are all not strong at everything but we can accomplish anything if we put our heads together.


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