No Spend Challenge

Going. Going… Gone: Day 15

Yesterday was a great day; ending week two with no spending.  I feel happier, lighter and less stressed about money or “stuff”.

The timing of day fifteen of The No Spend Challenge couldn’t have been more perfect! I just got done listening to the section in Marie Kondo’s book, about going through your books and purging what doesn’t bring you joy any longer.  I have A LOT of books.  Some I have read, some I haven’t, but I know that most have out stayed their welcome on my bookshelves.  So I took Marie’s advice and went through and physically touched each book and wound up purging 2 big bags.  Some of the books I finally agreed to let go I had, had for the past 17 years!  Most I had never even read!  I have moved them from out of state and then numerous other times within that time span.  Needless to say, it was time to let them go.

Whenever I have books, music or movies that I am getting rid of I take them over to our local Half Price Books.  They will take your offerings, do a little magic in their computer to see what they are worth, and then make you an offer for them.  You can use the offer in store or just have it cashed out.  Pretty easy.  I never expect to make a ton when I take things to them; they do sell about 80% of everything in their stores at half prices, so I am probably being offered less then 25% of what the actual item is worth.  But I’m ok with that, because it is fast and easy and then the clutter is gone!

I have used Craigslist before for larger items but I really don’t like the time and energy I have to commit to that platform.  I find that people will insanely low ball you or say they are coming for something and then never show up.  And sometimes your post will get so far down on the listings that no one will even see it.  Not that I haven’t had success, it’s just not a place I would turn to, to sell items with smaller price points.

I did discovered a new app the other day that I thought I would share with you.  It’s called Close 5.  It’s a free app that this kind of like the love child of Craigslist and maybe Instagram?  The reason it is called Close 5 is that you can set a certain radius in which you can view items (like 5 miles).  That way you are not looking at things that are in too far away (I have mine set to 10 miles).  Then as the seller, you upload pictures of your items and a brief description and price.  People who come to the app can scroll through all the most current listings or there are categories, like furniture, that you can look through.  I haven’t bought or sold anything there yet, but it is fun and easy to look through all the items.

So I hope everyone finds themselves making a little extra money but more importantly, freeing themselves of unwanted clutter!  And don’t forget, there is always the option to donate your items as well.  There are churches, schools, and non-profits that would be over joyed to take a lot of your unneeded items.  And most have a way to document them as a tax write off.  Be safe out there and I can’t wait to read about what you discover!


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