No Spend Challenge

Don’t let you car be homeless: Day 13

I took some books to the local used book store yesterday.  They had been taking up room in my trunk for about a month now (after I had purged my bookshelf of them).  Only made $8 off of them but I was just glad to have them out of my house and my car!  Now I have to admit that I did spend $6 of that $8.  I bought 3 quick picks for the Power Ball!  You can’t win, if you don’t play, right?  Probably not going to hit the billion dollar jackpot, but I would have always wondered “what if” if I hadn’t bought at least one ticket.  So I still made $2 for the day and who knows, maybe even 1.5 billion!

Day thirteen of The No Spend Challenge is another day of cleaning and decluttering.  On this day we are moving to our garages or storage units.  I do have a one car garage and I have never had the need for a storage unit.  I have always been a firm believer that the garage is a “home” for your car before anything else.  We have never really had a particular messy garage.  My car has always been able to fit in it.  At times it does get a little cluttered.  We get monthly supplies of things like paper towels, toilet paper and things like water and cat litter.  They are stored in the garage, but in an orderly fashion.  As we take items into the house, more room opens up.

I have also done some home improvement in the garage recently involving putting up hooks to hang 2 of our 3 bikes from he ceiling, which has freed up even more space.  We do store things like Christmas decorations in there as well, but they are in plastic storage bins and they are always put back in the same place every year.  And the other things that are in there are housed inside the build in cabinets.  I think part of how to keep any part of your house clutter free and organized is as easy as putting things back where they go.  Everything has a place and everything in it’s place is the best way to go for me.

Good luck to everyone; we are almost to the two week mark!  I truly believe to be clutter free is to be more stress free!  Plus your car will love  you for it!


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