Books, No Spend Challenge

Declutter your mind: Day 12

Yesterday was a success.  No spending and I downloaded my first, one of three, free Audible audio books.  And it just so happens that the book I chose, fits right in with what we have been learning about yesterday and today.  I downloaded The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up…. by Marie Kondo.

About a month ago, before the challenge officially started, I asked the Facebook group, what was the best “get rid of stuff and save money” book?  Most people suggested this book over any others.  I plan on doing a full review of it when I am finished listening to it.  So far I really like her approach.  I like that she is explaining to people that they have to look at the foundation of the “clutter” issue in order to fix it.

So many things in life are made harder then they need to be.  Take longer to heal from or over coming (if ever).  We place our heads in the sand to what the real source of the issue is.  If your house is too cluttered, buy storage containers and hide it away.  If you back hurts, take two anti-inflamatories and wait for the pain to subside.  If you don’t have enough money for something you really need, charge it and worry about it later.  But what are the real issues?  Whats the foundation of the problem?  You have too much stuff and are merely hiding it away instead of dealing with it.  Your back may hurt because you are out of alignment and should see a chiropractor to help you resolve the issue and learn ways to prevent it in the future.  You don’t have enough money, because you are not sure how to properly save money for an emergency fund and live check to check.  And so on and so forth.  We tend to cover things up or put a bandaid on them for only a temporary fix.

This comes to day twelve of The No Spend Challenge and how I will start to declutter in order to clean up our home and our lives.  We don’t have that much “stuff”.  In fact I try to regularly purge things we no longer need or use.  I’m hoping by listening to this book, I will learn how to do one last purge and then live clutter free here on out.  And this challenge has already helped me to stop buying things that I really don’t need.  Things that will only bring me temporary happiness.  I would love to hear form anyone else who has read the book.  And watch for my review of it next month!


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