No Spend Challenge

This is what I save for: Day 11

Day ten went ok.  We went out to breakfast in the morning at our favorite coffee shop and then did our grocery shopping.  Had lunch at home and had every intention of having dinner at home as well.  I was going to make spaghetti, in our Instantpot, so that I would have left overs for the week.  I got out the noodles and the sauce.  I was excited about the sauce because it was a new flavor that we hadn’t tried before.  I am normally an avid label reader.  I kind of have to be because of my vegan lifestyle.  Let me tell you, one of the saddest day in a vegan’s life is when you thought you read all the ingredients on a label and realize later that you didn’t!  As I looked over the ingredients, just to see what was in it, I saw the dreaded words “contains dairy”.  Ugh that sucked!  Now I would have to go to the store and exchange it for something else, which meant no spaghetti that night, which lead to (you guessed it) eating out for a second meal!  Something about Sunday’s just gets us.  Luckily, we just went to Chipotle and only spent $18.  Not all that bad, but so far its Sunday’s, 2, No Spend Challenge rules, 0.

Day eleven of The No Spend Challenge is not looking too promising either!  I am going to have to explain my approach to this day’s challenge.  There is a reason that I am frugal and look for ways to save money.  It is so that we will have money to spend on things that are truly important to us.  Whether it be having a membership to a higher end gym or buying athletic clothes, that are pricey, but actually perform as hard as I do.  I believe in spending a little more money on things that are actually worth it.

This worth will be different to every person.  I don’t drink coffee, but some people love the joy and ease of using a high end coffee maker.  Some people may love having a beautiful looking yard, but not want to spend the time taking care of it.  So they higher a crew to maintain it for them.  With that said, I HATE cleaning my house.  We actually live in a small condo that is set up like a townhouse.  It has 3 levels, wood floors, and tons of cat hair everywhere!  And I can personally not think of anything more soul sucking then having to clean it.  From top to bottom it would take me 3-4 hours to do.  I can think of a lot of other, more enjoyable things, I would rather do with that time.

So for the past year now, we have paid a friend of mine, who has her own cleaning business, to clean our house.  She only comes once a month (we are not too terribly messy) and we pay her $100 a time.  To some people that may seem like a lot of money.  But the personal joy and happiness we feel, when we walk into our freshly cleaned house, is priceless.  She does a way better job then I ever could and in half the time.

So for this part of the challenge I have to weigh my personal happiness versus saving money.  To me that is money well spent.  There are certain things that I am more then willing to give up.  Certain things will only temporarily fill me with happiness.  I have plenty of clothes, so I don’t really need any more.  I have food to eat at home, so eating out when I shouldn’t really is inexcusable.  But having to take time out of my day to perform a chore that I really, REALLY dislike is not something I am willing to change.  You can always buy more “things” but you can never get back your time.

I hope all this make sense.  I can agree to fix things myself, eat out less, not shop online and I love going out hiking versus paying to go to the movies.  But having my house cleaned is something I am willing to invest in.  I feel like it is investing in myself and my personal happiness.  So how much is your personal happiness worth to you?  Is there anything that you absolutely can’t live with out or won’t agree to change?  I am curious about that because I think everyone has that one “thing” they won’t budge on.  Good luck with today and happy cleaning if that is something you enjoy!


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