No Spend Challenge

Call me Mrs. Fix-it: Day 10

Yesterday went pretty well as planned.  We spent a quite day at home and later treated ourselves to, our one meal per weekend day, dinner.  Dinner was a little more expensive then I would have hoped for but I did have left overs for the next day.  Over all, I’m just really happy that we only ate once.

Day ten of The No Spend Challenge is a continuation of yesterday and learning something new.  Today’s “something new” may not be as enjoyable of a task as learning how to play sudoko or how to put together a scrapbook, but in away it could be just as fulfilling.  Taking the time to learn how to repair something around your house can be a little intimidating; at times frustrating, and down right dirty work.  But at the end of the day I can guarantee you will feel like a super hero!

I literally felt like She-Ra the day that I fixed our washing machine.  We had, had a couple weeks of unexpected house malfunctions.  One weekend we spent driving all around town to find the correct door jam for the bottom of our wrapped patio door.  Not to mention we had to take the door on and off its hinges a countless amount of times.  (I literally thought my husband was going to throw the door off the balcony!)

The following week our microwave stopped heating.  After trying to trouble shoot it the best that I could, and calling around to a couple appliance repair shops, I bit the bullet and spent the money to have a new one installed.  (I totally think I could have lived without out it, but then my husband probably would have thrown me over the balcony!  Just kidding!)

Now onto week three.  I was washing a load of towels and when I went to put them in the drier, they were still soaking wet.  So I tried to run the rinse and spin cycle but nothing happened.  The washer would turn on and act like it was going to engage and then just turn back off again.  I was livid and was ready to, you guessed it, throw it over the balcony as well!

First thing I did was call around to a couple repair shops.  Most of them were booked a couple days out.  One was booked, but did offer me some suggestions (none of which worked).  And I wasn’t about ready to buy a new washer!  I was so upset about having to waste so much time and money the previous weeks that I put my foot down and pledged to fix this issue myself! After all, I still had a washer full of soaking wet towels!

So with the help of the internet, one trip to the hardware store for a socket (that wound up being the wrong size anyways) and a little over four grueling hours later, I fixed it.  That’s right, I fixed it!  There was cussing and yelling and sweating and a little bit of creativity with my tools; but with the help of a YouTube video, it was up and running again!  I was so proud of myself.  I couldn’t believe that I did it.  Now, when the same issue comes up (it was a clogged filter that wouldn’t allow the washer to drain) I know exactly how to fix it and it only takes me about 10-15mins.  (And if my husband doesn’t stop leaving things in his work pants, he will go over the balcony next!)

So ladies (and gentlemen) get out there and don’t be afraid to DIY.  After feeling so empowered I found myself doing a lot of my husband’s honey-do list myself, in my free time.  I found all the information and videos I needed on the internet.  The simple tool kit and drill that we already had  were sufficient enough for all of tasks.  To date I have fixed the washing machine (3 times now).  Taken apart the kitchen sink plumbing when it got clogged.  Installed a Nest learning thermostat as well as ceiling hooks for bike storage in our garage.

You can do it!  You just need some confidence, a little elbow grease and YouTube!  Good luck out there.


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