Blogging, Everyday

Free time. Freelance. Free love.

You’ve always loved ______ (fill in the blank) and now you find that you have the time to actually focus more on it.  Then a thought crosses your mind, “what if I could do what I love and get paid to do it”?  Now don’t get too ahead of yourself.  You are most likely not at a point in your creative career where you should quit your day job and sit in coffee shops all morning waiting for that big break.  Nor are you going to become a self made millionaire over night.  But should you commit a couple hours a day to sit on your creative little eggs and wait for them to hatch into something you can be proud of?  Defiantly!

Putting yourself out there for something new can be terrifying.  But  there are so many ways to get started that don’t cost a thing and little by little they can get you on your way.  Create or revisit a blog.  Expand yourself further on social media by pinning, posting, tweeting, poking, liking, tagging and sharing.  (Then put the two together to get even more ground covered.)  Go to local Meetups and network with people who are just like you!  Take free or minimal expense classes to brush up on your skills.  Be bold, try anything, just get the ball rolling.

And commit!  If you can commit a little time each day for at least 3 weeks it will become something you will look forward to doing everyday.  And if it doesn’t?  Then switch things up.  Find your niche.  But stay open minded.  Not everyone will agree with or have the same dreams as you.  So you will need to also learn how to keep the masses engaged.  You don’t have to stray too far from your passion, but be open to other ideas.  You can pour your personal style all over everything you do.  Even if what your trying isn’t on your normal pallet, make it taste, look, and feel like it is!

Success!  Followers, Pinners, Taggers!  (Occasionally the little poop emoji, but it happens.)  Embrace it all and keep moving forward. As long as you are getting some sort of reaction, then you are doing it right.  If it feels right in your heart, then you have found your passion.  And when you find that, you will never “work” another day in your life.



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