Books, No Spend Challenge

One and DONE!

First week done!  We all made it and I’m sure learned a lot.  I learned that, fortunately, I am already a pretty frugal person!  So most of this first week wasn’t too overwhelming.  I did have one cheat day where I let my emotions take over, but the damage was minimal.

Being a part of the Facebook group has been awesome.  There are a lot of great people there and I can tell everyone is trying their hardest to stay on track and to support each other.  Staying positive is key.  I think positivity through all things in life is huge.  I struggle with it (sometimes daily) but being negative or too hard on yourself doesn’t help.  We need to surround ourselves with positive energy, especially when trying something new or difficult.  It makes a big difference.  Positive self talk is so important.  You are not stupid, lazy, or a failure if you make a mistake.  You are simply learning.

Learning something new can be scary and stressful but we tend to be our own worst enemies.  Don’t give up just because it is hard, keep going because it is worth it!  Even if you do slip up a couple times a week (or even a day), that’s ok as long as you learn something from it.  I learned that my emotions can play a huge part in my spending/eating habits.  So next time, hopefully, I will be able to recognize when that is happening and then change how I respond.  I learned a lot these skills from two really amazing books:  “What to Say When you Talk to Yourself“by Shad Helmstetter and “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyways” by Susan Jeffers.  If you struggle with negative self talk, fear of failure, anxiety from doing new things or being in new situations I strongly urge you to check these two out!  Sometimes we need to “declutter” our minds as well as our homes in order to grow.  These two books gave me simple exercises to practice and implement into my daily life.

Everyone is already doing so much better just by being here.  You have chosen to take the first step to make a change in your life; which so many people are still struggling to do.  So here’s to next week and remember to just keep moving forward.


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