No Spend Challenge

Learning something new: Day 5

Back on track for day four.  Nothing spent and my husband is trying to get on board too.  He’s a driver for “big brown”, and so he has to make sure to pack a lunch and snacks or else he finds himself eating out on the road a lot.  With December being his busiest time of the year, his spending on food and snacks got a little out of control.  Now that he sees me trying to cut back this month, he is going to try to do the same.

Day five of The No Spend Challenge is all about meal planning.  This is not an easy idea to implement in my family.  It is just my husband and I but our diets are very different.  I am vegan and he is not.  Plus he works and gets home at all different times, and I don’t.  But that doesn’t mean I do have a handle on what we eat.  I make sure not to eat out Monday-Friday.  We go grocery shopping once a week and  buy what we need for all meals.  I eat very simple and “repetitive” meals.  If I find something that is easy and I enjoy, I will eat that same thing all week.  I am not a chef by any means; so if it is not simple, cheap and fresh, then I won’t be interested in making it.  I use Pinterest a lot to find great recipes as well as Facebook pages (vegan/plant based meal groups).

Since I don’t have a big family to feed, I don’t have a lot of experience with how to make meal plans.  My hat is off to the women (and men) out there who have to plan, on budget, for a big family.  Good luck to everyone and I can’t wait to read about how you make it all work!


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