No Spend Challenge

Get rid of more: day 4

My husband and I went out for breakfast like we usually do on Sundays.  We spent $25.09 (with tip) and had a great meal at a place we love to eat, read, and drink coffee.  But later on that day, I had a personal set back that caused me to “emotionally eat”.  I was angry about some upsetting news that I had learned about.  We were downtown and very close to one of our favorite veggie burger joints right around dinner time.  Two burgers, fries and a beer later, we spent $32.01 (with tip) on a second meal.  I broke my rule of only one meal per weekend day (and I also broke a personal goal of not having any alcohol this year).  So boo.

Our emotions can really wrack havoc on us at very unexpected times. I get so mad at myself when I do something undesirable because I was emotional.  Emotional eating is something that a lot of people struggle with.  I was angry at the time, but some people do it because they are sad, lonely, stressed out and so on.  We are all human and none of us are perfect.  I could have made a better decision yesterday, but I didn’t.  Now all I can do is try to make better choices next time.

The important thing is to be able to recognize where you went wrong and then to learn from it.  We face dead ends and struggles when we don’t learn from our mistakes.  If we place blame on others or make excuses for our shortcomings we can not grow.  But at the same time if we are too hard on ourselves, and use negative self talk, we can become our own worst enemies.  There is a fine line to walk but the best you can do is to promise yourself to try better next time.  Maybe form a plan?  I know that I can only be responsible for my actions, but maybe I could talk with my husband about what to do differently? After all, its always ok to ask for help.  He knows me better then anyone when I am upset.  Maybe he can help hold me accountable for my actions?  Maybe remind me about my blog and the challenge?  Or offer to go home and make us dinner?  But no matter what, it’s all about getting back on track and trying again.

This leads me into day four of The No Spend Challenge.  Day four is very similar to day three.  Not having read ahead, I actually did day three and four together yesterday.  I wound up throwing away some freezer burned, expired items.  And I had a couple things in my pantry (also expired) that I threw in my compost pile this morning.  Luckily, eating healthier forces me to buy a lot of items that will rot if I don’t eat them in time.  I hate wasting food so I try to eat everything before it goes bad and I try to store it in the most optimal way to improve longevity.

Good luck to everyone with day four.  Remember to just try your best and keep moving forward!


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