Everyday, No Spend Challenge

On to the next: Day 2

Yay, day one and done!  Yesterday I got through the day without spending anything.  I figured the first day would be pretty easy but I did have a quick moment when I felt like I might fail.

My husband really wanted to go out for dinner.  We usually do go out to eat on the weekends (this will now be limited to one meal each day from the 2-3 meals prior the challenge).  Since he was off from work on Friday, in his eyes, it was the weekend.  He started listing off places we could go and one of them was an Italian restaurant.  Bam!  I remembered that about two weeks ago I bought some spaghetti sauce (and they were buy one get one free of my favorite organic sauce) so I asked him if he would want me to make us dinner instead?  Low and behold, he jumped at the idea.  Plus I got to use a tomato, onion and some mushrooms that were about ready to go bad.  I made our meal in our Instant Pot (which saved me time and electricity because I didn’t have to use the stove top).  The meal came out great in about 10mins.  The even greater victory was when my husband said that he could really get into eating at home more, if I would cook more meals like this!  Not to mention we have left overs that we can eat over the weekend!

I hope all of you had some little victories like mine on day one!  It really helped to boost my confidence with this challenge.  But if not, don’t give up now!  You can still make this happen and I have faith that you will.  We all learn in different ways and at different speeds.  I am a go getter, up for a challenge, do things “cold turkey” kind of person.  But not everyone is, and that’s ok.  Just keep trying and even if you fall off a couple times, I bet you will still find yourself saving money in the long run!

Now on to day number two of The No Spend Challenge.  Today the challenge is focusing on finding free/inexpensive ways to have fun.  For me this will focus on how we spend our weekends.  We are off to a good start this weekend.  Our neighbor asked us if we could help her take her Christmas tree to the city park where they are doing tree recycling.  Then after that we are going to walk the hike/bike trail that goes around the lake.  I plan on taking my camera with too, so it will be a win in so many ways.  We will get outside, recycle, spend time together and I will brush up on my other hobby!  Some of the others things I have in mind to do are:

  • Go to the art museum on Thursday because it’s free
  • Hiking/walking/biking together
  • Running with my local run club
  • Watching movies at home on Netflix/Amazon
  • Going for a picnic/feeding the squirrels
  • Going to local Meetups that interest me
  • Listening to free local music at coffee shops/bookstores

I plan on doing some internet searches to see what other free things there are to do around town.  I’m pretty confident that every city has some free entertainment websites!  (If by any chance you live in Austin, TX here is a great website.)  Good luck to everyone on day two!


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