Everyday, No Spend Challenge

Welcome to day one

Happy New Year everyone and welcome to day one of whatever challenges you have set up for yourselves.  It’s the first day of the next 364 days of your goal.  You’re pumped and you’re ready!  It’s all about baby steps when you think about it.  Finding little ways each day, to make your life better as a whole.  And honesty if you can get passed the first 21 days, you will be heading down the road to success.  Studies show that it takes 21 days to successfully make or break a habit.  So let’s do this!

For me today is day one of my 30 finacial cleanse.  I am following The No Spend Challenge set of daily guidelines.  I am already a pretty frugal person and always looking for ways to save money.  Now that my husband and I have went from a two income household to only one, I welcome this challenge to see if it can teach an old dog new tricks!

Day one is just about setting up rules.  I like this particular challenge because even though it gives you ideas to help you get on your way, the structure is loose enough that you can tweak it to fit into your lifestyle.  And if you join the Facebook group, you will have a whole community of others to stay on track with and encourage.

The main rules that I would like to follow (so far) are:

  • eating at home as much as possible; at least 5 days a week (clean out that freezer and pantry)
  • no online shopping (excludes monthly subscription)
  • free weekend entertainment

I’m sure that as more days go by, the more rules I will pick up.  One other thing that I should mention is that I will probably be doing this challenge solo.  I would love it if my husband would be on board with me 100%, but I can’t force him to do or change anything he doesn’t want to.  I do believe that my rules may indirectly effect him but I understand that I am doing this for me.  (One advantage is that I have always been in charge of our finances, so I have a little one up with that.)

I’m looking forward to this year.  And I am looking forward to being able to share my journey’s with everyone out there.  If you are joining me on my challenge or starting a new one of your own, please feel free to leave comments or share my page with others. Feedback is always welcome and embraced!



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