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Raise them up

My goal with this blog is to grow it into something promising.  It is currently in it’s embryonic stages.  As each day goes by it slowly grows a little more.

Becoming a new parent is what fills most of my days.  In about a week, I will be starting my photography class and then my blog will have a sibling to share it’s childhood with.  And I will be a single mom with two clean slates to care for, look after and help to grow.  The three of us will form a strong family bond and go out and face the world together.  Will you always like us?  Probably not at first.  Not that we will be that annoying family that is sitting next to you at your favorite restaurant on date night.  We will probably be more like the next door neighbors that you say hi to when crossing paths, but you really don’t know that much about.

As my babies grow they will start to have play dates with others out in social media.  There will be thumbs ups, likes, tweets, retweets, shares, hashtags, requests, and followers.  I’m sure they will be bullied at times too.  Everyone is a critic and sometimes we are actually our own worst enemies.  I don’t know if they will ever grow up to be the “cool kids” but they will believe in themselves and they will have a voice.

I do hope that you will follow us.  I hope that my little family will inspire others to make little cyber babies of their own.  So far it’s been quite fulfilling. Even though there have been late nights, early mornings, trips, falls, homework, and bad report cards, at least there hasn’t been any poopy diapers to worry about!


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