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Out with the old and breathe in the new

Wow am I glad that I had the time to re-boot last night.  Today has been a day of learning and discovery!  I can’t wait for 2016 to start.  I have so many new and exciting things that I want to implement into my life.

First as I mentioned in an earlier entry, I plan on doing a financial cleanse.  Along with trimming up our spending, I also plan on trimming out our “stuff”.  I don’t think people realize how much the possessions they own, start to own them over time.  I know I have so many things that I either don’t use any longer, are there because they are just there, or for some reason I am too emotionally attached to, even though they are serving no purpose in my life.  I think the biggest thing I want to learn is how to let go of the emotional connections I have with things.  I’m sure by cutting back on spending, I will automatically cut back on acquiring new things, but it’s also time to clean the closet and my mind.

So today I went out on social media and asked people, hands down, what was the best book to read to get rid of “stuff” and save money.  I did receive a lot of feedback but a couple answers stood out.  One book in particular was, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up… by Marie Kondo.  I don’t know a whole lot about her approach.  From what I could tell her books were more about getting rid of “stuff”.  Her teachings  were highly valued in the groups I asked and had great reviews on Amazon.  She also has another book coming out in about a week, along with a journal to help you on your journey.  Another popular choice was Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey.  I have a good friend, who swears by this book as well.  She is a mother of 3 and a stay at home mom.  She keeps everything in check off of her husband’s modest income and still saves money and has time to give back to her community and have fun with her family.  If she can do it, I know our little family of two defiantly can.  And going along with the theme of spending less and having less, I am planning on using a gift card I got for Christmas to buy these books and I am going to get them as eBooks instead of physical items.  Can’t wait to share what I learn with all of you!

The second thing that spoke to me today, and I think will go hand in hand with my cleanse, is the idea of learning how to and practicing in daily meditation.  Material things can clutter our homes and our lives but having too much going on upstairs can clutter our minds and our emotions.  Another good friend suggested a program to me called Headspace.  Basically it is designed to help everyday people learn how to meditate and then implement it into their everyday lives.  Mediation is like yoga for your brain.  Headspace has a ten day free trial and after that you can purchase it on different subscription terms.  I haven’t tried the free ten days yet, but to be completely honest, it will have to blow my mind in order for me to justify subscribing to it (especially while trying to cut back on spending).

I am excited to learn about all these new things.  And who knows, I don’t have a problem spending money on things that actually work to improve my life instead of gathering dust in my closet!


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