Everyday, No Spend Challenge

A cleanse without the kale

Do you ever think about how much you spend on your grande, double shot, soy, no-foam, latte everyday?  Have you found yourself going to the big box store to just pick up a couple items and leave with a cart full of stuff?  And what about all those magazine subscriptions that just keep pilling up on your coffee table because you just don’t have the time to read them all?  Last but not least, lets not forget all the times you stop on the way home to grab something to eat because you were too tired to fix yourself anything from your fridge full of food.  I can grantee that we are all guilty of one of these things and/or plenty of others that are similar.

In my new found state of “taking a break from the normal 9-5”, (because “unemployed” is such a nasty label) I have realized that finding ways to save a little bit of extra money could come in handy.  We were a two income family and we have never lived “extravagantly” and because of that, I could always save a decent amount of money every month.   But in order to be able to enjoy my new found freedom and still continue to save, I needed to start to think a little out of the box.  In a perfect world, I would be this amazing freelance writer and a successful photographer.  But I am only just beginning to learn what it would take to achieve such accomplishments (plus it’s better I understand now that “aspiring artist does not = get rich quick).  But what can equal some extra money in the bank is not spending it in the first place on daily, unnecessary, indulgences.  Unnecessary being the key word here.

Paying your bills, so that you have light, heat, and roof over your head, are necessities.  Having food in your fridge and clothes to wear are as well.  But at the end of the day, where is all the extra money going?  For me I would have to say it would be things like eating out (mostly on the weekends), paying for cable that we hardly ever watch, and I am a sucker for online sales on my favorite websites.  I also have a gym membership and like to buy organic, non-GMO products that usually cost more.  There is a fine line to walk between these examples and some you won’t be able to part with.  But the key then is figuring out away to have balance.

I’m always up for a new challenge.  So for the whole month of  January, I am going to do a “30 day financial cleanse”.  I am apart of several Facebook groups about minimalist living and ways to save money and de-clutter your life.  And I actually just joined a  group that  does this type of challenge and offers a place for community support and information.  I will use that information, along with a couple of free e-books and I will probably re-read the July chapter from The Happiness Project as well.

In doing this, I’m hoping to learn some great new skills and I look forward to sharing my experience with everyone here.  For me it will be deeply fulfilling to learn how to live with/on less.  And even though this is not a “resolution” there is no better time to start off on the right foot then the beginning of a new year.



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