Everyday, Vegan


Today is Christmas Day, so happy holidays to everyone out there.  I hope that you and your loved ones are happy and safe.

I personally have a very small family.  My parents are in Phoenix and it’s just my husband and myself in Austin (with our two fur babies, Sammi and Rasberry).  With that being said, it is usually just the two of us for all the major holidays.  And because he is a UPS driver (or as we like to call him “Brown Santa”), we will most likely never have a Christmas with my parents.  So for Thanksgiving and Christmas (and most likely New Year’s) this year, we went out to the Alamo Draft House to catch a movie and have a bite to eat!  *If you are vegan they have a vegan menu and I would HIGHLY recommend the Buffalo Cauliflower Bites!

We saw the movie Joy today.  It was based on the true store of Joy Mangano, and the struggles she faced while trying to make it big on the home shopping networks, QVC and HSN, back in their infancy days.  When HSN and QVC first launched back in the 80’s, my mother was hooked.  I can remember her watching and listening to customers calling in to tell their own testimonies on products they had tried.  I remember how cool I thought it would be for my mom to be one of those lucky callers to be put on TV (and I do believe she may have been once and it was pretty amazing to a 10 year old).  Over the years, we had tried a lot of those products in our own home as well.  In fact, while I was watching the movie, I could recall having the exact mop that Joy had sold on QVC all those years ago.

Now besides being able to take a trip down memory lane, Joy’s story was a powerful one.  She was the woman in her (very strange but probably not that uncommon) family who wore many hats.  She was a grand-daughter, daughter, half-sister, ex-wife and sole provider to her two children.  The referee/parental figure, to her aging and very quirky parents.  As well as a good friend, a handy (wo)man, and a fighter for what she believed in.  And in the end, a very successful entrepreneur.  There were times when her own family didn’t believe in her and wouldn’t stand and fight next to her, even when their own finical security was at stake.

Did she go on an epic hike alone on some National trail?  No.  Did she travel alone across the world to find herself?  No.  But what she did wasn’t any less spectacular and awe inspiring to all women.  She took an idea out of her head, drew it on some of her daughter’s construction paper with crayons, and created a hell of a mop.  She took chances, got taken advantage of and then fought for herself when no one else would.  After all that, and making it big on QVC (and later HSN), she made sure to pay it forward and help coach and invest in other aspiring entrepreneurs dreams.  I rank Joy right up there with Elizabeth, Sheryl, and Gretchen when it comes to woman who have touched and inspired me.


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