Following in an amazing array of footsteps

I’m feeling pretty damn awesome today.  Feels like the planets are starting to aline and I’m learning more about what personal happiness looks like for me.  Just like with planting a tiny seed in the ground, you have to make sure you give it a place to grow and thrive, the same goes for finding happiness.

That is exactly what I plan on doing with Monkey Toes.  I have been researching into different (more mainstream and highly viewed) blog sites, as well as host sites (which is a scary and very new frontier for me).  I want to make my blog more accessible and get more traffic through it.  I want to get my stories out into the universe.  Am I going to be a millionaire because of it?  Errrr… probably not.  But if in the process I am able to expand my horizons and touch other people’s lives in some way, then I will feel just as fortunate.

In all honesty, I think a lot of us learn to grow from what we see others doing.  Not to say that we can’t think for ourselves but taking that final leap of faith seems a lot less scary when you have lived vicariously through others who have done it before.  I feel like I have received a lot of my inspirations from some of the great memoirs I have read over the years.

Eat Pray Love got the ball rolling for me back in 2012.  The author, Elizabeth Gilbert is an amazing woman.  She is the kind of woman that, down deep inside, all women wish they could be.  I strongly suggest reading Eat Pray Love and Committed as well as her newest book Big Magic.  (The year I read Eat Pray Love I actually gave a copy to all my closest girl friends for Christmas).  More recently, after reading Big Magic, I finally took the plunge and decided to pursue my creative side by investing in a new “big girl” camera (Nikon 5500) and Photography 101 classes that start in a couple weeks.

A couple of other amazing women are Cheryl Strayed (author of Wild) and Gretchen Rubin (author of The Happiness Project, Happier at Home, and Better Than Before).  The Happiness Project has actually played a role in helping me to rekindle my blog and take it to a new level.  And most amazingly, after reading all their stories, these women started to feel like sisters or at least like really good girlfriends.  None of them lead exotic lives or came from money before their books took off.  And it’s easy to sense their humbleness in each word they share.  Their stories helped me to start to change my life and to embrace my personal growth.

I truly hope you will take the time to read their stories.  I hope they will help to inspire you too.  I also hope you will follow me down my personal path with Monkey Toes.  At the end of the day we can always use a couple more good friends.


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